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More useful than 90% of Rebel Storm.

Hit Points: 50
Defense: 15
Attack: 5
Damage: 10
Rarity: Uncommon
Base: Medium
Gender: Male
Creator: CorellianComedian
Created: 12/5/2018
Updated: 12/9/2018

Special Abilities

  • Soldier (Counts as a character named Old Republic Soldier)
  • Diffusion Armor (Whenever this character takes more than 20 damage, immediately reduce the damage to 20. The reduced damage cannot be prevented or redirected. Adjacent enemies ignore this ability.)

Commander Effect

Old Republic Soldier and Trooper allies gain Diffusion Armor.

Average Rating: --
12/5/2018 4:06:30 AM

I think you can cost this guy at around 16. I like the idea of some armor.
12/6/2018 7:10:31 AM

Very cool and simple! I like it CC!
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