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Has taught you well.

Hit Points: 20
Defense: 12
Attack: 1
Damage: 10
Base: Medium
Gender: Female
Creator: gandalfthegreatestwizard
Created: 5/14/2019
Updated: 5/15/2019

Special Abilities

  • Unique
  • Melee Attack (Can attack only adjacent enemies)
  • Fatal Disease (When this character activates, she takes 10 damage; save 16)
  • Mother's Sacrifice (When this character is defeated, an ally named Bastila Shan gains Greater Mobile Attack and Force Renewal 1 for the rest of the skirmish)

Bastila's estranged mother returned to her life during the Jedi Civil War, widowed and dying, and the two were reconciled with each other after a troubled history.

Average Rating: 5.50 (2)
5/15/2019 11:52:08 AM

Nice to see a boost fornold Bastilla! Great stuff
5/15/2019 3:20:08 PM

^Agreed. Makes WOTC Bastila more viable.
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