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The Indomitable

Hit Points: 50
Defense: 16
Attack: 6
Damage: 30
Rarity: Rare
Base: Large
Gender: It
Creator: imyurhukaberry
Created: 3/18/2020
Updated: 10/16/2020

Special Abilities

  • Droid (Immune to critical hits; not subject to commander effects)
  • Accurate Shot (Can attack an enemy with cover even if it's not the nearest enemy)
  • Damage Reduction 10 (Whenever this character takes damage, reduce the damage dealt by 10. Attacks with lightsabers ignore this special ability.)
  • Stable Footing (Not slowed by difficult terrain or low objects)
  • Wall Climber (This character ignores difficult terrain, enemy characters, low objects, and pits when moving as long as a square it occupies and a square it is moving into are adjacent to a wall)
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10/16/2020 3:03:01 PM

Clone Strike character but increase HP to 50, Defense to 16, and add Accurate Shot, Damage Reduction 10, Stable Footing, and Wall Climber
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