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Is more powerful than any Jedi!

Hit Points: 30
Defense: 11
Attack: 0
Damage: 0
Rarity: Rare
Base: Medium
Gender: It
Creator: imyurhukaberry
Created: 11/16/2020
Updated: 11/19/2020

Special Abilities

  • Droid (Immune to critical hits; not subject to commander effects)
  • Emergency Life Support (Adjacent living allies gain Avoid Defeat)
  • Heal 10 (Replaces attacks: touch; remove 10 damage from a living character)
  • Multiple Arms 4 (This character can use 4 abilities that replace attacks instead of 1 on its turn.)
  • Poison Serum (Replaces attacks: touch; an adjacent ally gains Poison Immunity for the rest of the skirmish)
  • Speed 4 (Can move only 4 squares and attack, or 8 squares without attacking)
Average Rating: --
11/19/2020 9:05:39 PM

Revenge of the Sith character but add Multiple Arms 4, Poison Serum, and Speed 4.
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