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Has become self-aware--don't tell Shinja.

Hit Points: 120
Defense: 20
Attack: 14
Damage: 20
Base: Medium
Gender: Male
Creator: AndyHatton
Created: 12/1/2020
Updated: 12/3/2020

Special Abilities

  • Unique
  • Melee Attack (Can attack only adjacent enemies)
  • Double Attack (On his turn, this character can make 1 extra attack instead of moving)
  • Twin Attack (Whenever this character attacks, he makes 1 extra attack against the same target)
  • Greater Mobile Attack (Can move both before and after attacking. This character can make extra attacks even if he moves this turn, but he must make them all before resuming movement.)
  • Stealth (If this character has cover, he does not count as the nearest enemy for an attacker farther than 6 squares when choosing targets)
  • Force Bond (An ally whose name contains The Child gains Force Renewal 1)
  • It's a Trap! (Enemies with Stealth within 6 squares lose Stealth)
  • I'm No Jedi (This character does not count as having a Force rating for enemy's special abilities.)
  • Outcast (Not subject to commander effects from living allies. Cannot gain special abilities from living allies.)
  • Rival (Cannot be in an Imperial or Sith squad)
  • Soresu Style Mastery (When hit by an attack, this character takes no damage with a save of 11)

Force Powers

  • Force 2
  • Force Renewal 1 (This character gets 1 Force point each time he activates)
  • Knight Speed (Force 1: This character can move 4 extra squares on his turn as part of his move)
  • Force Leap (Force 1: This turn, this character can move through enemy characters without provoking attacks of opportunity)
  • Surprise Move (Force 1; Once per round, after initiative is determined, this character can immediately move up to his Speed before any other character activates)

"In my life, when you find people who need your help, you help them, no matter what."

Average Rating: 9.50 (2)
12/3/2020 9:50:17 PM

Double-Twin GMA w/ SSM is top notch defense and damage output. Surprise Move + Knight Speed is 16 squares to attack x4 at the top of the round. Pretty powerful. But damage is preventable, no CE, and Outcast makes her hard to boost. Seems about right.
12/3/2020 10:37:38 PM

Awesome! Thank you, I like this one :)
Queen Cersei
12/4/2020 3:38:02 AM

I've been waiting for a good Ahsoka profile to represent her from a particular era (no spoilers). This is perfection. Well done!
12/4/2020 3:53:03 AM

Thank you! Ahsoka is one of my favorite characters, I’m glad to have done her justice.
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