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Slightly more stable than an AT-ST on a log trap.

Fringe HK-87 21  
Hit Points: 60
Defense: 15
Attack: 6
Damage: 30
Base: Medium
Gender: Male
Creator: AndyHatton
Created: 12/1/2020
Updated: 12/4/2020

Special Abilities

  • Droid (Immune to critical hits; not subject to commander effects)
  • Double Attack (On his turn, this character can make 1 extra attack instead of moving)
  • Single-Shot Blaster (This character cannot gain Twin Attack)
  • Wall Climber (This character ignores difficult terrain, enemy characters, low objects, and pits when moving as long as a square he occupies and a square he is moving into are adjacent to a wall)
  • Assassin (+4 Attack and +10 Damage against living enemies)
  • Programmed Target (After setup, choose any 1 enemy. This character gets +4 Attack and Accurate Shot against the chosen enemy.)

"She has a small army of guards armed with A350 blaster rifles, two HK-87 assassin droids, and a hired gunfighter. He reads ex-military to me."

Average Rating: 9.50 (2)
12/3/2020 9:52:50 PM

This seems like a bit much. Twin from Whorm to get to 160dmg (80 on the move) with near infinite attack (+16 built-in before the BDO). Glass cannons, but still seems like too much for cost 21.
12/3/2020 10:37:00 PM

Hmm ok I am a bit rusty, been 3 years since I made a custom. What about adding Mercenary or Single Shot blaster or maybe Heavy Weapon for some drawbacks? (Not all three but some combo)
12/4/2020 4:36:29 PM

They were moving too quickly for Heavy Weapon (wall climber might even be appropriate). SSB and +6 attack probably would do the trick.
12/4/2020 5:51:18 PM

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