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Re-released with special features.

Hit Points: 10
Defense: 4
Attack: -1
Damage: -1
Base: Medium
Gender: It
Creator: imyurhukaberry
Created: 10/8/2021
Updated: 10/8/2021

Special Abilities

  • Cancelling Shroud (The character carrying the flag cannot be affected by friendly or enemy commander effects, abilities, or force powers. This character cannot use force powers. Any special abilities or commander effects this character has are suppressed while carrying the flag.)
  • Encumbered (Large or smaller characters carrying the flag move at Speed 4.)
  • One Big Target (Any character carrying the flag does not benefit from Stealth. Characters without Accurate Shot can target this character as though they have Accurate Shot.)
  • Respawn (If the character carrying the flag is defeated, the flag is replaced to the center of the board.)
  • Flag Bonus (The character carrying the flag gains the 10 Hit Points from this character while holding it. They also get +4 Defense.)

First squad to take the flag off the map in their starting area wins. Flag starts in the dead center of the map.

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10/8/2021 1:38:48 AM (Updated: 10/8/2021 1:39:51 AM)

A character with Damage greater than 0 starting its turn adjacent to the flag may replace attacks to pick it up. The character carrying the flag may transfer the flag to another unactivated ally with Damage greater than 0 by replacing attacks when adjacent to that ally. An enemy must defeat the character carrying it to return the flag to the center.
10/8/2021 1:40:53 AM

Just something I came up with over 12 years ago to make a scenario type game. Found it while browsing thru a box with old mini stuff.
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