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Impresses females of your species.

Hit Points: 160
Defense: 21
Attack: 15
Damage: 20
Rarity: Very Rare
Base: Small
Gender: Male
Creator: SammiBoi
Created: 2/12/2024

Special Abilities

  • Unique
  • Melee Attack (Can attack only adjacent enemies)
  • Twin Attack (Whenever this character attacks, he makes 1 extra attack against the same target)
  • Vambrace (This character gets +4 defense against adjacent characters with melee attack)
  • Jedi Trainer (At the start of the skirmish, choose an allied character with a Force rating. That ally gains 1 Force point and Ataru Style)
  • Rapport (A character whose name contains Yoda cost 10 less when in the same squad as this character)

Force Powers

  • Force 2
  • Force Renewal 2 (This character gets 2 Force points each time he activates)
  • Master of the Force 2 (May spend Force points up to 2 times in a single turn)
  • Force Push 2 (Force 2, replaces attacks: range 6; 20 damage; push back target 2 squares if Huge or smaller)
  • Force Defense (Force 3: Cancel a Force power used by a character within 6 squares)
  • Force Repulse 3 (Force 3, replaces turn: 30 damage to all characters within 3 squares; push back Huge or smaller characters to 4 squares from this character. Huge or smaller characters are considered activated this round; save 11.)

Commander Effect

This character and adjacent allies are considered within range of allied commander effects.

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2/12/2024 9:48:21 PM

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