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The Kyle Katarn of intergalactic dairy products.

Yuuzhan Vong Tam Elgrin 14  
Hit Points: 30
Defense: 14
Attack: 2
Damage: 10
Rarity: Uncommon
Base: Medium
Gender: Male
Creator: Mando
Created: 2/19/2024

Special Abilities

  • Unique
  • Melee Attack (Can attack only adjacent enemies)
  • Yuuzhan Vong Collaborator (Yuuzhan Vong get +1 Attack for each character with Yuuzhan Vong Collaborator within 4 squares of their target)
  • False Transmission (On this character's turn, he can choose 1 enemy within line of sight: This phase, this character and allies ignore that enemy when moving)
  • Yuuzhan Vong Spy (If your squad contained Viqi Sheesh immediately before the first activation of the skirmish, this character gains Secret Agent (Usable once per skirmish at the end of his turn: Until the end of the round, this character is not a legal target and does not count as the nearest enemy until it makes an attack or deals damage))
  • False Identification (A nonadjacent enemy cannot target this character or adjacent allies unless that enemy had line of sight to the target at the start of the turn; save 11.)
  • Villip (This character and Yuuzhan Vong allies within 6 squares are considered within range of each allied Yuuzhan Vong commander for the purpose of commander effects)

Tam Elgrin served as a holocam operator for holodocumentarian Wolam Tser, but was captured by the Yuuzhan Vong on Coruscant, and forced to serve as a spy and saboteur for them

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