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Has the high ground.

Hit Points: 170
Defense: 22
Attack: 17
Damage: 20
Rarity: Very Rare
Base: Medium
Gender: Female
Creator: Doogle126
Created: 6/29/2024
Updated: 6/29/2024

Special Abilities

  • Unique
  • Melee Attack (Can attack only adjacent enemies)
  • Triple Attack (On her turn, this character can make 2 extra attacks instead of moving)
  • Intuition (Once per round, after initiative is determined, this character can immediately move up to her speed before any other character activates)
  • Shifting Loyalties (Whenever she targets an enemy with a higher point cost, this character joins the opponent’s squad until the end of the skirmish; save 11 negates)
  • Shii-Cho Style Mastery (+4 Attack, +4 Defense and +4 to saves when 3 or more enemies are within 6 squares)
  • Telekinetic Combat (This character may attack targets within 6 squares. This counts as an attack with a lightsaber and any attack against a nonadjacent target counts as a nonmelee attack.)
  • Rapport (Characters whose name contains 'Sith Assassin', 'Sith Apprentice', or 'Sith Maurauder' cost 5 less.)
  • Mettle (If this character spends 1 Force point to reroll, add +4 to the result)
  • Betrayal (On an attack roll of natural 1 against this character, the attacker joins this character's squad until the end of the skirmish)

Force Powers

  • Force 3
  • Force Renewal 2 (This character gets 2 Force points each time she activates)
  • Master of the Force 3 (May spend Force points up to 3 times in a single turn)
  • Anticipation (Force 1: Reroll initiative once per round)
  • Force Deflect (Force 2: With a save of 11, this character takes no damage from a Force Power that targets him within 6 squares)
  • Force Sight (Force 1: This character ignores Stealth and Cloaked for the rest of the round.)
  • Lightsaber Deflect (Force 1: When hit by a nonmelee attack, this character takes no damage with a save of 11)
  • Lightsaber Precision (Force 1: This character gets +10 Damage on her next attack)
  • Lightsaber Throw 3 (Force 3, replaces turn: Choose 1 enemy within line of sight, ignoring cover. Make an attack against the chosen enemy and against each character adjacent to that enemy.)
  • Lightsaber Throw 5 (Force 5, replaces turn: Choose 1 enemy within line of sight, ignoring cover. Make 2 attacks against the chosen enemy and against each character adjacent to that enemy.)
  • Whirlwind Attack (Force 1, replaces turn: Attack each adjacent enemy twice)

Commander Effect

Allies whose name contains 'Sith Assassin' gains Steal Force 2. Allies whose name contains 'Sith Apprentice' gains Force Renewal 1. Allies whose name contains 'Sith Marauder' Gains Shii-Cho Style Mastery.

Average Rating: 7.67 (3)
Creator's Rating: 9/10
6/30/2024 12:25:11 AM

It has no defence aganist melee.
7/2/2024 5:53:14 AM

She has Shii-Cho Style Mastery and gives it to some grunts. It is by design.
7/2/2024 8:51:59 PM

Why does she have Shifting Loyalties? Seems kinda irrelevant...
7/11/2024 7:26:03 PM

It matters because in an Epic battle (my current meta), pieces like Darth Bane in Orbalisk Armor and Revan Redeemed, it makes sense in canonicalization for her to teach the person most suited to her end goals.
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