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2019 World Vassal Regional Standings and Play Reports Only. Options
Posted: Friday, April 26, 2019 11:37:10 AM
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The Following is for Match-Ups, Play Reports, and Standings ONLY!! Please put all discussions on the sign-up thread please.

Standings after Round 1

FlyingArrow 1-0 3pts
Spryguy1981 1-0 3pts
Gandalf 1-0 2pts
UrbanJedi 1-0 2pts
Jen'ari 1-0 2pts
UrbanShmi 0-1 1pt
TimmerB 0-1 1pt
DarkDracul 0-1 0pt
Dr Daman 0-1 0pt
Kiki 0-1 0pt

Current Standings Round 2
Flying Arrow 2-0 5pts
Gandalf 2-0 5pts
TimmerB 1-1 4pts
Kiki 1-1 3pts
Spryguy 1-1 3pts
Jen'ari 1-1 2pts
UrbanJedi 1-1 2pts
Dr Daman 1-1 2pts
UrbanShmi 0-2 1pt
DarkDracul 0-2 1pt

Current Standings Round 3
Gandalf 3-0 8pts
FlyingArrow 2-1 6pts
Spryguy1981 2-1 6pts
Kiki 2-1 5pts
Dr Daman 2-1 5pts
TimmerB123 1-2 5pts
UrbanShmi 1-2 4pts
Jen'ari 1-2 2pts
UrbanJedi 1-2 2pts
DarkDracul 0-3 1pt
Posted: Monday, May 27, 2019 6:31:52 AM
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Round 1 Pairings

Dr. Daman vs UrbanJedi
UrbanShmi vs FlyingArrow
Jen'ari vs Dark_Dracul
Spryguy1981 vs TimmerB123
Gandalfthegreatestwizard vs Kiki

Round 2 Pairings

FlyingArrow vs Spryguy1981
Gandalfthegreatestwizard vs Jen'ari
UrbanJedi vs TimmerB
UrbanShmi vs Dr Daman
Kiki vs DarkDracul

Round 3 Pairings
FlyingArrow vs Gandalfthegreatestwizard
TimmerB123 vs Kiki
Spryguy1981 vs UrbanJedi
Jen'ari vs Dr Daman
UrbanShmi vs DrakDracul

Round 4 Pairings
Gandalfthegreatestwizard vs Spryguy
FlyingArrow vs Kiki
TimmerB123 vs Dr Daman
Jen'ari vs UrbanShmi
UrbanJedi vs DarkDracul
Posted: Tuesday, May 28, 2019 12:59:41 PM
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Posted: Wednesday, May 29, 2019 1:21:07 PM
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Posted: Wednesday, May 29, 2019 6:19:56 PM
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I just got done with my game with Dark_Dracul.
he ran his Revan's Rangers
I ran my Send someone in to negotiate (an ode to the 5th element)

I won 87 - 76

He won Map roll and we played on Freight Transit Station (never played on it before).
I had him set up first and he set up on left in the higher transit in the passenger Cam.
I set up in bottom right in the Security Checkpoint.

1st round was set up and we both got Gambit (I had r2 lock a door and put Shmi in Gambit).
2nd round Boba moves out to the open and shoots his Antarian Ranger Tactical Soldier and crits him! Boba then turns his assassin eyes on the Killik Drone and misses, curses, and kills it, guts exploding in the room.
He attacks Boba and rolls a 1. He then hits Boba, I tried to Bait and Switch but failed but got the evade.
We maneuvered around a bit but his door control was gone and i had the advantage.

Next round he goes first (he won all inits with his tactician and later Recon). In complete Hero with no Fear fashion I tow Anakin and he runs in to smack Malak around. He takes an AoO from Revan and then hits Malak for 40 (he failed Lightsaber D and Anakin (after a reroll) hits him again for 30 dropping Malak to 20.
Revan is in the mood and crits Anakin in the face! Anakin ripostes and hits Revan back. Revan then hits Anakin again. Anakin did not fair well against the power of Revan and an Antarian Ranger finished Anakin. Boba comes out to finish the job on Malak. but Malak is missed or rolling evades away. Boba, feeling down on himself Wrist Cables Revan so he cannot coordinate move anywhere.

Panaka swaps Boba for Obi-Wan who gets hit, Soresu fails, reroll makes it. He gets hit again and takes 30. He runs down takes an AoO from Revan to finish the job both of them started but Malak LIVES! Obi-wan is at 70 and 4 force. His Malak hits but Soresu and his Antarian Ranger hits but Soresu. The Circle of Defense has been activated. They just killed his Padawan.
We both got Gambit.

Next round he goes first rolled a 19 and 20 for init and we both said that that sucks b/c Vassal, moves Revan, I AoO, he counter pushes and then Ambush Quick Strikes Obi-wan but the Soresu dance is on and it does well. Boba is towed up (I lock a door that had a lot of his people behind it making it harder for him) and Boba finally ends Malak's life. Obi-Wan is at 70 at this point and he looks to kill him and hits him but Soresu and Mettle is tough to get through. I run Panaka up adjacent to R2 thinking that would be his target but he runs someone around to open a door and smacks Panaka for 30. Now he can kill Panaka and if he does I will lose but this is the last round. So Obi-Wan Kenobi "leaps" into action and blocks the little door. They have a chacne to kill him, His Ranger hits! Soresu fails, rerolled a 7 and made it. Second hit, Soresu, and the Captain Crits him and to top it off he Soresu'd the last one.

The game ended with both getting Gambit.

Soresu is insane. I didn't really have a chance to play like I really wanted to (DD stopped my desired play style). Shmi ended up being to valuable as a Gambit getter to want to get her killed. Those Rangers have some tricks and I enjoyed the Rolling evade backed up by lightsaber defense of Revan and Malak. I am not going to lie I stopped biting my fingernails and this game had me biting them and I got in trouble from Janelle, so thanks for that... He said that the map hurt him as well since I was able to get to his door control and it did. The last door lock kind of saved me the game.

The best thing about the match was Anakin charging in to take on Malak and dropping some good damage, then Revan, feeling disrespected that Anakin would run by him hits him as he runs by, crits him in the back, and then hits hit again. Revan, realizing this boy was no match let the Antarian Ranger finish him off and turned his sights to Obi-Wan. Then Malak, the toughest survivor around lives through the Onslaught of Boba Fett and Obi-Wan. Obi-Wan went Ultra Instinct after realizing the rangers are not to be trifled with.

Great Game. In both games I have played DD it has been within 10 points.
Posted: Wednesday, May 29, 2019 6:50:59 PM
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Awesome play-report Jen'ari!

It was a tense game and could have gone either way there at the end.
Unfortunately for me Obi was making Saves like a boss and Jen'ari expertly placed him during the last round to block me from taking the lead.

Thanks for the fun skirmish and best of luck in the rest of your games.
Posted: Thursday, May 30, 2019 9:25:04 AM
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Sounds like a great game
Posted: Friday, May 31, 2019 9:56:37 AM
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Here for results.
Posted: Friday, May 31, 2019 11:27:03 AM
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FlyingArrow 220 - UrbanShmi 126

Played on Cantina
Posted: Friday, May 31, 2019 9:06:38 PM
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Posted: Friday, May 31, 2019 10:05:05 PM
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Urban Jedi Beat Dr Daman 174 - 89

I won map but chose his Jabbas Palace

Rd 1 I got to shoot a swapper, then he swapped in Cad and lit up Satele (she failed her absorb even with the FPRR with mettle) so died. Certainly wasn't expecting that to happen, although I was in gambit. (37-13)

Rd 2
He won init but let me go first and I just used REvan to battle move Ven and A wookiee out putting him in a big pickle as I was 10 away from both Cad and Morrigan. He popped out with Morrigan and missed both shots on Ven (2 and 1), then I moved the wook closer, and used Ven to GMA triple to kill Cad (rolled a 1, but had FPRR). He hit ven with a rodian, then I used the wook commander to move a wook, and took out 2 acts (uggie and rodian). He swapped and took out a wook with his amamin, and hit ven, but I Defensed. (78-48).

Rd 3.
I won init. I win init and take out a rodian and the amanin with a wook. Then he misses, and I use REvan and battle manip again, and sac the XT to take out a rodian, a gran, and ozzel. I use Ven to take out a rodian and a uggie, and he uses swap and morrigan to take out another wookiee. (124-62) at the end of the rd

Rd 4
I take 3 shots at morrigan and get one through evade. Then he picks off my uggie, and kills another wookiee. I use FP to do 20 more to Morrigan, and he kills my last uggie. (134-79)

RD 5
I win init right and we also realize that time will be up during the round so I try and figure out if I can get to 200. If I had one more FP, I probably could have, but I pass over morrigan to go try for something better. Kill his last free guy to try and set stuff up. He swaps morrigan out and locks the door. I open the door and bust in and take out lobot and a mouse, but can't get a line on Morrigan to get to 200, and he can't get morrigan anywhere to shoot anything (by 1 square so just runs her to gambit) (174-89)

If we had played 1 more rd, I would have killed morrigan at the top of rd 5, and then been able to kill either lobot or thrawn in rd 6 to push over 200.

Fun game, and if Daman had realized the reach and movement, and not pushed up just a little to far letting me get him in the pickle, it would have made for a much more interesting game, and quite possibly a Daman win.

Posted: Sunday, June 2, 2019 9:52:23 AM
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Spryguy defeats TimmerB 201-179 on Freight Transit Station 3-1

Rd 1 No engagement Tim 10-0 Spry

Rd 2 No engagement Tim 20-10 Spry

Rest of the game was a giant slug fest. He kills BB, I kill Han, He kills Chewie, I kill Snap, He kills Rey, I kill Chewie, Poe, and Nien, he kills Luke and Han, I kill Holdo and Cobalt. Only pieces left on the board were My Leia 80HP, His Leia at full, his BB at full, my Poe at full, my Captain at full.
Posted: Monday, June 3, 2019 8:25:18 PM
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gandalfthegreatestwizard beats kiki 181- 86 on Freight Transit Station (2-0).

I won map roll and chose my map, Freight Transit Station. My opponent chose the right side of the map and set up first in his Passenger Car. I set my squad up in the Passenger car on my side of the map. Marn and the three Rodian Brutes he brought in stole Charging Fire, and Jarael took Opportunist.

Round 1: We both moved inside our trains towards the middle, neither of us opening any of the inner doors. I locked the door on my side of gambit with my R7 and Morrigan ran into gambit. 10-0

Round 2: I moved most of my characters into the central car on my side, and kiki moved his Elite Scouts into the room on the other side, with one Scout opening the door and moving into gambit. I opened a door of the car behind my central car with a Rodian and Morrigan killed the Scout, and then ran back behind the Rodian with Agile. 33-0

Round 3: My R7 stopped Overriding the door to my central car and opened the door to his central car. Morrigan ran out, hit and missed a Scout, and moved back into my car. Kiki then Charged in two of his Scouts, one of which (the damaged one) based Morrigan and hit her for 30, and the other of which based Talon and hit him for 30. Jarael, who was standing between the two, killed them both. Boba ran into the car on the other side, and killed a Scout and a Mouse. A Scouts based Boba and hit him for 40 then missed with the Officer's cannon shot. I ran up Evazan next to Boba and auto-damaged a Scout for 30, and a Rodian who missed the same Scout. Two more Scouts attacked and killed Boba, who failed his Avoid Defeat saves. We both got gambit. 85-60

Round 4: I won init and Jarael ran up with Talon's pseudo-Intuition, basing 3 Scouts. She killed one, hit another and activated it with Electrostaff, and hit the third one which made its save. Kiki retaliated by hitting Jarael with a Scout, and then either cannoned it or killed her with another. She failed her second Avoid Defeat save with a reroll. One of my Rodians hit a Scout and moved away (died to the AOO). Evazan auto-killed a Scout and I think Morrigan hit and killed another one. Talon moved up and killed an Uggie. 137-83

Round 5: Kiki won init, and his last Scout shot Evazan (a miss). Evazan auto-killed the Scout. Mas opened a door and Nyna came up and shot one of my Rodians (the non-reinforcement). I killed his remaining Ugnaught. Ponda and Talon both shot at Mas and killed him, and then Morrigan shot at Piett but missed one of her shots needing 4s. Time was up so that was game. 181-86
Posted: Wednesday, June 5, 2019 7:35:16 PM
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gandalfthegreatestwizard beats jen'ari 200-46 on Freight Transit Station (3-0).

I won map roll 20-12 and chose my map. Jen'ari deferred choosing side and setup so I set up on the right in the Passenger Car. Jen'ari set up in the top left of the map. I brought in Figrin D'an with Bribery.

Round 1: I moved most of my guys up into the third car from my side, and my opponent pushed his squad along the top behind the crates in the Loading Dock. Jarael ran into the central car to collect gambit for my side. 10-0

Round 2: We both moved some fodder, and then Anakin HWNF Charged up at Jarael, taking a hit from my Rodian along the way (90 left). He used Overwhelming 2, but missed both attacks needing 9s. I moved Boba up next to Anakin and killed him. Doombot towed jen'ari's Boba in between the trains, and Boba killed Ponda, then ran behind one of his Ugnaughts. Evazan shot at Doombot and killed him, and then Talon shot the Ugnaught in front of Boba and missed. Jen'ari moved Shmi up and swapped her for Obi-Wan, who ran up (no AoOs with AN) and hit Talon for 20. Obi-Wan then ate a hit and a crit from Morrigan (40 left), but was missed by Jarael. 40-0

Round 3: I won init, but Morrigan missed Obi-Wan twice. Obi-Wan activated and killed Talon, who failed his Avoid Defeat save from Evazan. Jen'ari's Boba then shot at Evazan but missed once needing 3s so the Doctor had 10 left. Evazan performed surgery on Obi-Wan just like in the film, dealing an auto 30 (10 left). Jarael then hit Obi-Wan twice (failed his second Soresu save with a reroll) to kill him. At that point (just before half-time) jen'ari conceded as he didn't see any hope of winning. The score at the end was 111-46.

An interesting game. It was a fairly bad matchup for jen'ari, and the rolls didn't really go his way, but he played really well.
Posted: Thursday, June 6, 2019 9:27:43 AM
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Dice didn't cooperate, tis true. However, i knew i couldn't win haha. I was just trying to get to 100. Even if all my dice hit your boba and morrigan would have won the day. Well placed to do their business.
Playing against a good fringe player is always fun. You rocked the ponda, figrin, Dr. E combo.
Might seem "easy" but it's not and i was happy to see them getting good play.
Posted: Saturday, June 8, 2019 8:36:09 PM
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kiki beats DarkDracul 200 - 108 on Cantina

R1. DarkDracul sets all his pieces up on the left hand side of the map, around the center. I set up my commanders on the small indent on the outside area of the map. I set up my door control and my attackers on the upper side of the map. DarkDracul wins initiative. I activate my commanders and then my attackers. I make it about half way to gambit. Using Revans force ability, Malak is able move into gambit. 10-0 score.

R2. Dark wins init, I activate all my commanders before my attackers. Dark positions Revan a square away from the door. Dark is out of activations. I open a door using a scout, get another scout to move adjacent to Revan. Attack twice using cannon shot from imperial officer, land both but Revan defenses one of them. Revan is on 60 hp. The rest of my scout troopers are positioned around the gambit area. We both get gambit, score is then 20 - 10 to DarkDracul.

R3. Dark wins init, he moves Revan provoking an attack of opportunity from the scout trooper who dealt 40 to him last time. Fails a lightsaber defense, and is down to 20hp. Revan runs back to set up area as to let Malak get off his quick strikes, which could kill a scout in two attacks using backlash. My scout troopers move onto the other half of the map, and shots are traded. Malak picks up a kill aginst an elite scout trooper. And his antarians deal some damage to my scouts. I out activate him, use my my ugnaughts to hold a door open for my last scout rooper to get an attack off.

R4. Massive shoot out, by the end of the round the only people left are my commanders, door control and 3 scouts. Dark had a killik, Malak (50hp), and the Antarian Ranger Captain who was on 10hp. I gambled kilingl Revan (might've been in R3.) by using an activation to hit him. I land the hit and he fails his Rolling Evade and did not activate so he had no fp to spend on defense. I move most of my scouts adjacent as i didn't want them to get cover as they had +7 defense on a base of 15, and I was rolling at +16 if activated.

R5. I win initiative, I killed a killik drone basing my scout trooper, Malak then was able to move and get double attack, provoking an attack of opportunity. I land it for 40hp, and Malak is then left on 10hp and kills a scout trooper, missing an attack, he spends a fp reroll. Malak has 0 fp left. The captain on 10hp and moves into gambit, getting DarkDracul past 100 victory points. I move one of my last two scouts adjacent to malak, and miss an attack. I cannon the adjacent scout using the imperial officer to kill him. This gets me my full 200 points.

A very nice game overall, but at times I did feel like Dark did get unlucky with a few rolls. And I feel my squad was able to counter his squad nicely, as my scout troopers were able to kill his antarians in one hit regardless of being activated because of Moff Nyna's additional +10dmg to enemies with stealth.

Posted: Monday, June 10, 2019 11:13:57 AM
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TimmerB123 3pts, Urban Jedi 0pts

It was a bad matchup for Jason. Most of my squad has 30 damage, and several have accurate. His Wookiees Scouts all have 30hp.

round 1 positioning, he gets gambit

round 2 he races in with Satele right in the middle of my crew, smacks chewie for 80. This juices Chewie up so his hits are unavoidable. He has all his Wookiees out of sight but ready to start shooting, lined up in the corner of each train car.
I slyly move Holdo up to open on of his train's doors, and pull his attention back to Satele with an attack from Nein. He does some positioning on his turn (luckily not moving a key Wookiee away from a key door), and when it comes back to me that's when I pull my coup de gras, running Leia 14 inside the train car that Holdo opened, and slingshot Poe in to open the final door (the one between 2 train cars) gaining line of sight to all 4 of his Wookiee Scouts, LoS to almost the whole way down the train line. Poe used predictable targets and took all 4 out in on activation, and then stepped away from the door. 3/4 took the twin to kill, but he dropped them all. That took a ton of power out of Jason's squad. Ven goes to smack Leia, I swap with Holdo's Decoy. He takes her out, does 20 unavoidable on Ven, Chewie does 40 on Satele. Kill a scrub or 2, and I finish up by not knocking off Satele with Chewie. We both get gambit.

Round 3 I win init and finish off Ven with Chewie's unavoidable damage shots (combining tons of fire to make sure I do) and start into Revan. Not much Jason can do, he races in with Revan to kill BB-8. I unload but can't quite kill Revan. I win init, but Nein Numb kills Revan with his turret shot regardless (he was out of FPs). Chewie takes out the Wookie commander (it took 2 shots), and that brought me to 200 at the end of the round.

I missed some details but that was the gist.
Posted: Monday, June 10, 2019 8:21:19 PM
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FlyingArrow over spryguy1981 83-0
(2-0 win)

I didn't like the looks of this matchup at the outset - spry's Resistance is much (much!) tankier than mine. He gets Evade for everyone plus Luke's magic illusion, plus 6 extra Force points for Rey's rerolls. And what do I have instead of that? Two extra activations and more door control. Turns out that made all the difference.

Round 1: His BB-8 rolls into gambit with his last activation. I had Leia and Chewie to go. Leia shot at his BB-8 - hit but Rolling Evade away to negate Twin. Slingshot Chewie into position for two 30dmg shots on BB-8. Two hits, two missed Rolling Evade. Dead BB-8. His Chewie gets a decent Retaliatory Barrage off, but not enough to kill anything.

Round 2: Spry wins init and his Chewie puts 40 on Han. My Han with Long Shot shoots back at his Chewie - two hits but one evaded. His Chewie down to 60hp. My BB-8 zaps Luke (who was holding open his door to gambit), and then locks his squad out.

Spry tries to go around to another door, but I moved to lock that one instead. I kept collecting gambit, and I wasn't going to let him open a door unless he split his forces to go to two different doors. But instead he let the 5-round clock run out to give me the 2pt win (denying me the 3pt win), since he didn't think he'd get up to 100pts by opening a door with his forces split. And I wasn't sure I'd win if we went up against each other full strength.
Posted: Tuesday, June 11, 2019 2:42:26 AM
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Dr Daman and I are scheduled to play in about 20 minutes (6 a.m. Central time).

ETA: Dr. Daman won, 78-42. Played on Cantina.
Posted: Saturday, June 15, 2019 7:44:06 PM
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Gandalf over FlyingArrow. 3-1.

Something like 204-125. I forget the exact number. Maybe Gandalf has the exact number.
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