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Grant you the rank of Jedi Master, Bloo Milk does not.

Hit Points: 70
Defense: 17
Attack: 10
Damage: 30
Rarity: Uncommon
Base: Medium
Gender: Female
Creator: blemelisk
Created: 11/10/2017
Updated: 11/12/2017

Special Abilities

  • Evade (When hit by an attack from a nonadjacent enemy, this character takes no damage with a save of 11)
  • Deadeye +20 (Oh this character's turn, if she doesn't move, she gets +20 Damage)
  • Careful Shot +4 (On this character's turn, if she doesn't move, she gets +4 Attack)
  • One Shot One Kill (After rolling a critical hit, roll again, if it too would result in a critical hit, the target of your attack is defeated. Abilities such as Bodyguard, and Lightsaber Deflect can still prevent the original target from being defeated.)
  • Deadly Attack (Scores a critical hit on an attack roll of natural 19 or 20)
  • Sniper (Other characters do not provide cover against this character's attack)
  • Single-Shot Blaster (This character cannot gain Twin Attack)
  • Heavy Weapon (Can't attack and move in the same turn)
  • Shadowsuit (If this character does not move on its turn, it cannot be targeted by non adjacent enemies.)
Average Rating: --
11/10/2017 1:53:55 AM

An old school d&d you we able to call a critical "I am aiming for his neck" and if you roll a critical the opponent died. The flip side is that you missed ok a much higher scale. Think of the movie The Patriot "aim small miss small"
11/10/2017 1:55:08 AM (Updated: 11/10/2017 2:00:20 AM)

Maybe something like if you call a critical than it kills them but your character gets -6 to attack or something. Replaces Turn: this character gets -6 attack this turn. If you roll a critical on an attack the target is defeated.
11/10/2017 4:08:46 AM (Updated: 11/10/2017 4:11:48 AM)

I've never been a fan of the auto kills like disintegration but if you are going that route I would probably just use disintegration. Also think you should consider dropping evade as they can get it easy enough and you already have shadowcloak, and also potentially reducing deadeye or swapping for Fibal Shot. As these guys sign Crix and Leia can do 70 damage shots at 18 right now
11/10/2017 4:26:29 AM

Very beefy nonunique! One Shot One Kill is a cool idea and I like what you are going for, but perhaps going with Vicious Attack would largely serve the same purpose and keep it simpler. Tripling the base damage on a crit will drop 90 on the target. That IS a kill shot on a huge number of pieces. Adding in Deadeye +20 makes OSOK nearly redundant. Speaking of redundant, how will this piece ever NOT get Deadeye with Heavy Weapon dictating things?
11/10/2017 2:06:09 PM

I like it I just think that it needs something else. Like disintegration is cool, but he isn't using his disintegration gun unless he declares it. That's why I think it should be a replaces town ability. Whichever way you go with it.
11/10/2017 2:06:58 PM

They are one shot one kills in SW so it's fair game imo, especially if lightsaber defense and soresu and all this things still work
11/10/2017 2:07:44 PM (Updated: 11/10/2017 2:09:23 PM)

How long does shadowcloak work for? Also I remember deathsbaine made an ability "replaces turn: this character's next attack on its next turn is a natural 20" you can give the piece vicious attack and that.
11/10/2017 2:10:33 PM

It gives it the "setting up my shot, laying in wait, sniper feel
11/10/2017 10:25:23 PM

So, OSOK is a much lighter far weaker version of Disintegrate. This was on purpose, for this character she has a 1% chance for it to trigger, as opposed (for her) 10% chance at disintegrate. I also wanted to keep her damage ranged set to be between 50-80 damage. I felt that was a very solid range. If i did triple damage it would go up to 90, and i felt the 50-80 range was good. I wanted to simulate a real life battlefield situation in which a sniper has to move.
11/10/2017 10:28:28 PM

If she moves she cant shoot back, she can evade shots made at her (camo, still in effect etc), but cant be cloaked (movement gives away the general location). hence those 2 abilities. the shadowcloak should last until she moves. and likely wouldnt come back into effect until after she activates and not move. So it could last from round where she doesnt move until she activates, if she moves it goes poof for the rest of the round and until she activates without moving.
11/10/2017 10:32:32 PM

back to OSOK, im not a huge fan of disintegration either, but i do feel like it is something a sniper should have a chance at doing. so i made this spec ability, and made it have a far lower chance of triggering. I also made it so that bodyguard etc still can affect the shot. Thus, it isnt as ...."broken" as disintegration. Any other character (norm crit of 20) would only have a .25% chance of it being triggered. If i expanded her crit range to 18,19,20 it would only increase the triggering of OSOK to 2.25%
11/10/2017 10:33:52 PM

long story short on this piece was i was trying to control the damage range, while using an ability with a VERY low chance of single shooting a piece off the board, thus keeping her cost low. (relativity low) I might aught to add (Commando) or something like that as well, she is SpecForce, she is a commando (to be added with all the rest of the commandos in the rebellion.
11/11/2017 2:12:51 AM

If I understood your description correctly... Shadowcloak (While this character has not moved, it cannot be attacked by nonadjacent enemies) That's not an official rules-vetted wording, just taking a stab at it (same for any others I post on customs, where things get tricky). You might want to say "targeted or attacked" if you want to prevent other abilities that target.
11/12/2017 3:33:57 AM (Updated: 11/12/2017 3:38:59 AM)

thing is I didnt come up with the ability >.> :P haha Ill just create a new version of it, and use targeted. It is a cloak, but just not a perma one, thus a bit weaker. Ill leave it Targeted, thus leaving her vulnerable to grenades etc that target an adjacent character. (she still gets the regular save if the ability calls for it)
11/13/2017 5:28:35 AM

Shadowsuit & Evade seem a strange combo. Seems a little heavy duty compared to other SpecForce guys. When I costed him, base at 23, plus the 9 abilities I got him at 42, which is close enough I suppose. But considering the next most expensive SpecForce guy is the Marine at 20 and he's Not a commander, that's rather expensive for a grunt.
11/13/2017 9:46:46 PM

Can that 20 point marine insta kill a character? (albeit with a very low chance), or dish out 80 damage with 10% chance, otherwise 50 damage? Considering ahe could still somehow get double attack etc, I feel she is costed about right (might, possibly be a bit low, but considering OSOK has a very low chance of being triggered, I didnt cost it too much). Evade and Shadowsuit are complementary to each other. I dont see how they are strange. If she doesnt move its hard to target her.
11/13/2017 9:48:35 PM

If she does move, because she is so hard to see (shadowsuit) she is still hard to hit, thus evade. However she doesnt have too too high of a defense, and her 70 HP while pretty good, might not be too too good for her cost range (possibly?) So if she was to move she could conceivably be taken out at range, if she doesnt move, and she is based by a decent melee character, she is likely to be toast.
11/14/2017 2:14:54 AM (Updated: 11/14/2017 2:20:33 AM)

Shadowsuit is a bit tricky. I think from a rules/game-play perspective a more optimal representation would be something like: (As long as this character has not moved on a turn, it cannot be targeted by nonadjacent enemies and does not count as the nearest enemy) I was going to suggest 'has Invisibility' but the glossary for that SA raised an interesting question that I need to look into further... my main point being, it's generally best to let enemies target some other non-adjacent character if the nearest enemy is not a legal target.
11/14/2017 2:19:53 AM

And... after a quick check of the FAQ, 'has Invisibility' works fine, but may be more card text than just spelling it out since you need to include the full definition on actual cards for less well-known abilities if the character doesn't have said ability itself.
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