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Now with 20% more midichlorians.

Hit Points: 90
Defense: 18
Attack: 5
Damage: 20
Rarity: Uncommon
Base: Huge
Gender: It
Creator: imyurhukaberry
Created: 1/8/2021
Updated: 1/8/2021

Special Abilities

  • Mighty Swing (On its turn, if this character doesn't move, it gets +10 Damage against adjacent enemies)
  • Momentum (If this character has moved this turn, it gets +4 Attack and +10 Damage against adjacent enemies)
  • Sniper (Other characters do not provide cover against this character's attack)
  • Bantha Poodoo (Adjacent enemies get -4 Defense)
  • Careful Shot +4 (On this character's turn, if it doesn't move, it gets +4 Attack)
  • Dismount (Tusken Raider Sniper) (When this character is defeated, you can immediately add a character named Tusken Raider Sniper to your squad; save 11. The new character sets up in a square this character formerly occupied.)

This nomadic marauder prowls the deserts of Tatooine atop his trusted bantha.

Average Rating: 10.00 (1)
1/8/2021 8:25:23 PM

Universe character but add Bantha Poodoo, Careful Shot +4, and Dismount (Tusken Raider Sniper).
1/17/2021 12:41:18 AM

Dismount is really thematic. I like it.
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