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World Vassal Regional 2018 Standings and Play Reports Only Options
Posted: Monday, June 4, 2018 10:55:34 PM
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FlyingArrow wrote:
Any news?

Sorry, yes. Since I received no word from spry, Frenchy and urbanjedi will be playing in the other semi match
Posted: Wednesday, June 6, 2018 7:34:15 PM
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So I know I've had extensions granted and such and I am very grateful for the patience exhibited towards me. But I'm still struggling to find the time to play so I'm officially dropping from the Semi Finals. Having just found my footing after being homeless for 6 months it's been a challenge. By the grace of God I've had a roof over my head but I've not had a place to call home until 3 weeks ago. I apologize to Shawn and all the competitors for dragging this out so long. I should have officially dropped at the start of the top 4. I am however finding my footing for the first time since my marriage fell apart so that's awesome for me and has been my priority all along.
Posted: Wednesday, June 6, 2018 10:44:19 PM
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Well that was a whopper of a game.

I played my match with etienne.

I won map so we played on Cantina. He was on the left, I was on the right. I had to reboot Vassal 3/4 of the way through so it will be mostly from memory.

Rd 1
Positioning. He got to gambit, while I held back. He also locked I believe the top door. No Pawns

Rd 2
I had a sweet move (giving up an AoO to Assajj) to get vima next to her in a green square and then the senator within 6. If I hit all 4, then assajj is dead, but I missed one (and didn't think it was worth it to go crit hunting). Assajj easily finished off Vima. Satele ran in and attacked an already activated sniper and missed (and rolled a 1 on the FPRR) to leave it alive. He did some damge to her with the other sniper. Then he surprised me and just lightninged her. No gambit for anyone.

Rd 3.
A won init later and another lightning had Satele dead. Vodo gave up an AoO to the not dead sniper and killed it, then took a senator shot on Cad (who failed both hostage shields to fall to 10). An Avoid defeat on a sniper crit kept atton around until Cad came in and finished him. Assajj whiffed on Vodo. Bastilla came running into the gambit area while the Capt shot wildly at vodo.
Gambit for me. None for him

Rd 4.
I won init, and used the senator to try and get in the way of his sniper, then let vodo finish off assajj. Then he moved the capt to find a line on the senator to pop him, then used the sniper to try and work on vodo without much success. Bastilla finished off Cad, and then Vodo beat up the R7 and started retreating. Gambit for me. none for him.

Rd 5
Did 40 to the Sniper, retreated Vodo, sniper missed/hit (defeensed) on Bastilla. We did some bad math, then some better math, to determine at this point, he had a slight lead on points, so Bastilla had to go base the sniper, while he had to run sid around Bastilla to get to gambit and dug the capt out to base bastilla. Gambit for Both.

Rd 6
He won init. Sniper on bastilla with spotter hit (and was defensed), then second attack did 30. Then Bastilla killed the sniper, and gave up an AoO (made the defense) and ran around the corner to avoid deadeye. He ran around and missed her. Then moved sid, pawned, and hit/missed leaving her at 20. No one else around to do damage and timer had gone off right after the start of the round.

Final score.

I win 161-156.

Vassal dice dominated this game as there was lots of missing (by both of us), and then later, I made every single LS Defense save with Bastilla.

These squads are quite evenly matched and the game should come down to a couple of rolls (init/saves/attacks/etc) in basically every game.
Posted: Monday, June 11, 2018 11:42:33 AM
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Trevor and I will be playing the finals tonight (Monday) at 8PM eastern
Posted: Monday, June 11, 2018 6:26:57 PM
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Finals Trevor and I had a match for the ages.

He won map (throne room) ARGHH even after I rolled a 17 for map. So that was how this game was going to go.

I set up on the left in the big room. He set up on the right in the hallway on the top with easy access to wherever he needed to go.

Rd 1
Positioning. I got satele into gambit, he moved some guys around to set up cool stuff. At the end of the round, I moved Atton 14 squares so I could use the senator to kill . . . an ugnaught. In return I took 40 damage from Ezra. 13-0

Rd 2
I won init. Pushed Satele forward, then used Atton to move 6 and get 2 shots on ahsoka. 1 was defensed. Ahsoka (90). and then used the XT to pop Bastilla to shut down some of his shenanigans. He then moved Kanan to barage my 2 guys, kills Atton (failed avoid defeat), and hit/missed Satele (80). He then moved Ezra up to Base Satele a couple of hits later and she was down to 40 and made both jolt saves (with mettle on 1 of them). I blew my main door to prevent lockout shenanigans, then ran the other uggie up as well. He chucked a grenade with sabine, trying to kill satele, but both she and ezra made their saves. Then Hera shot trying to kill satele and missed both (even with a combined fire from leia on one of them). Vodo and Vima then came roaring around the corner and squashed ezra. Ahsoka nerf assaulted Vima (he couldn't quite reach Satele) and hit 3 of 4 so Vima (40) was hurting. 3p0 came up to base to try and prevent senator shenanigans. Satele leapt over Ahsoka and made her mines save (18) to punch sabine for 30, then the senator ran up and gave her another punch and she finished off Satele. he moved R2 up a bit to try and clog things up.

Rd 3
I won init again. I intuitioned up to Ahsoka intending to assault and leap away to make it a little more difficult, but rolled a 1 on the first attack so had to reroll (hit with mettle), and he failed the defense save so ahsoka dropped to 10. Trevor quickly repositioned hera for a cover free shot and hit both shots on Satele (now dead) with combined from leia, then Assaulted with ahsoka, killing vima, rolling cleaving into Vodo and after bubble he had taken only 20 (down to 110) then ran ahsoka away. Vodo with his Knight speed went to catch up ending adjacent to ahsoka and Hera. The attack went on ahsoka and a failed defense save killed her and the senator attack dropped hera to 20. Trevor hit/missed with kanan to drop vodo to 80 (adjacent) and I moved up bastilla to get her into the fray next round.

Rd 4
Trevor won init finally. He hit Vodo twice with Hera and ran her away (acrobatic). Vodo hit Kanan twice (no counterpush as he was trying to keep hera safe from a senator hit from vodo. He used Kanan to BB (vodo and the uggie), missed Vodo leaving him at 10 and obliterated the uggie. Bastilla ran up a bunch, and then missed with the reroll the senator hit. Then my uggie moved away from Leia (3 fprr 1 to miss the AoO) and rolled a crit to kill Hera, which was game changing.

Rd 5
I win init and use vodo to kill r2 as I don't want to die to a counterpush. He gives up the AoO with Kanan and Vodo rolls a crit (no counterpush which was a surprise) and then missed the twin so Kanan down to 50. Then BB to kill Vodo and my last uggie. Bastilla runs 8 to hit Kanan (and gets pushed back) so no senator shot. Kanan now down to 30. Bastilla at 90

Rd 6
Trevor wins init and backs away so he can only see the senator and kills him. Bastilla runs 8 to catch him again and takes 20 on the counterpush and gets pushed out of gambit. Bastilla now at 70. Leia had combined to make sure the senator died, and 3p0 ran to be in the way.

Rd 7
Trevor wins init again and attacks again dropping bastilla to 30 (failed the defense) and ran far enough away I couldn't get there in 8. I ran and based him. 3p0 stayed behind to get gambit and leia missed.

Rd 8
I won init. Killed Kanan, and moved back to gambit. Leia missed
206-197 final score.

Very, epic game. Crit by the uggie is to kill Hera is what pushed it over the top.

Posted: Monday, June 11, 2018 8:32:38 PM
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Yes, this was a great game! doesn't get much closer than that.

And yes, the miss on the Uggie w Leia followed by the crit with the Uggie on Hera...that changed things a lot. Also Satele staying alive despite death threats by both Sabine and Hera in the same phase was pretty big. I had even managed to drop Jaq early, but it turns out that it wasn't quite enough.

Congrats Jason! I'm sure we'll meet again.
Posted: Wednesday, June 13, 2018 6:51:23 AM
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TimmerB123 wrote:
This just in -

Urban Jedi doesn't win this Regional!

(Details to follow)

Lol, I guess I was wrong.

Jason wins yet another Regional where he didn't even make the top 4! It's amazing!

Congrats on yet another one.
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