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2020 Vassal Regional Play Reports, Pairings, and Standings. Options
Posted: Saturday, February 15, 2020 1:36:32 AM
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The Following is for Match-Ups, Play Reports, and Standings ONLY!! Please put all discussions on the sign-up thread please

Registered players:
1. UrbanShmi
2. Gandalfthegreatestwizard
3. Spryguy1981
4. Caedus
5. Timmerb123
6. Kiki
7. General Grievous
8. Kezzamachine
9. Darth O.
10. UrbanJedi
11. FlyingArrow
12. AceAce
13. Dr Daman
14. thereisnotry
15. Randy
16. DarkDracul
Posted: Thursday, February 27, 2020 2:46:00 PM
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*Spry 4-1 13pts
*thereisnotry 4-1 12pts
*FlyingArrow 4-1 10pts
*Mando 3-2 9pts
*Randy 3-2 9pts
*Gandalf 3-2 9pts
*DarkDracul 3-2 9pts
*General Grievous 3-2 9pts
TimmerB123 2-3 9pts
Kezza 3-2 7pts
Darth O 2-3 7pts
UrbanJedi 2-3 6pts
Caedus 2-3 6pts
Dr Daman 2-3 5pts
Kiki 1-4 4pts
UrbanShmi 1-4 4pts

Darth Rattlehead DQ no squad.
AceAce DQ no games
Posted: Sunday, March 1, 2020 7:36:10 AM
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9 and 1/2 hours left to register.
Posted: Monday, March 2, 2020 5:14:20 AM
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Round 1 Pairings
UrbanJedi vs Dr Daman
Kezzamachine vs Randy
Spryguy1981 vs General Grievous
UrbanShmi vs Caedus
Kiki vs AceAce
DarkDracul vs Darth O
FlyingArrow vs TimmerB123
Gandalfthegreatestwizard vs thereisnotry
Mando vs Darth Rattlehead

You have until Wednesday 3/11/2020 at 8pm to finish this round. Round 2 pairing will go out at 8am on 3/12.

I intentionally paired Darth Rattlehead and Mando together because they had mentioned getting squads to me today. That way they can still play and give us 18 players.
Posted: Monday, March 2, 2020 5:18:39 AM
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Pairings are up. I'm thinking with 18 people I am going to cut to a top 8 to allow more to get into playoffs and encourage more minis. Probably create a consolation ladder too. I'll post squad links when I have Mando and Rattlehead's squads
Posted: Wednesday, March 4, 2020 7:29:44 PM
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gandalfthegreatestwizard beats thereisnotry on Cloud City 3-0

Squads, until they've been posted:

TINT won map and chose Cloud City, I set up on the left in the Control Room and he on the Landing Pad.

Round 1: Mandalore the Vindicated moved up into the top of gambit, and the Mando Demolitionist blew up the left door of the Office Suite. Since the right door hadn't been blown up, I was able to lock it with my R7, stopping Jangalore from hitting most of my squad with Furious- he had to go around the other way into the Main Gallery and only killed an Ugnaught (missed my Mouse). After I outactivated, my Cov Defender ran up and hit Vindicated once for 30 (100 left) and the rest of my squad moved up. Gambit to TINT. 0-13

Round 2: I won init with Sense the Future and the Defender hit Vindicated twice more, dropping him to 50 left. TINT moved 3: Vindicated killed the Defender with Triple (forgot about Shien, but probably didn't matter since the last attack was a crit for 60 unpreventable) and moved Kelborn with his CE. Jangalore Furious Assaulted a bunch of my guys, but only killed a Rodian and put 20 each on Q'Anilia/Consular/Togruta because of some fairly bad dice. Kelborn attacked the Cov Protector but missed both needing 7s. I then moved the Protector past Jangalore (missed the AoO) to hit Vindicated, dealing 40 (10 left). Q'Anilia then gave an AoO to both Vindicated and Jangalore (20 left) and then killed Vindicated and rolled a crit against Jangalore (80 left). I killed the XT-6 to move the OR Senator and gave the cannon shot to the Protector, putting another 50 on Jangalore (30 left). Mira killed Q'Anilia and moved into the middle of the room. The Mando Tactician put 20 on the Protector, failed LS Deflect (90 left). I moved both my Sentinel and Consular up, and together they managed to kill Jangalore. Gambit to TINT. 114-71

Round 3: TINT won init (moving 3), and Mira dropped Grenades twice on herself, the Mando Demolitionist, and the Protector/Consular/Sentinel (all standing next to low objects except Mira). With Self-Destruct 10 on the Demo, that was enough to auto-kill the Consular/Sentinel, and put 50 on the Protector (40 left) as well as 30 on Mira (40 left), and she ran away. Kelborn and the Mando Tactician unloaded on the Protector, but between them they only got 1 crit that was Deflected and no other hits (again bad dice for TINT). The Senator gave the Protector a Twin against Kelborn, dealing 50 (40 left), and Raana finished Kelborn. The Protector moved and killed Mira. 176-96

Round 4: I won init with Sense the Future and Raana killed the Tactician. 200-96
Posted: Thursday, March 5, 2020 11:33:34 PM
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thekezzamachine beats Randy on Anchorhead 3-0!

I ran:
Randy's squad was: --Green Falafel-- 45 Valenthyne Farfalla/36 Corellian Jedi Lord/30 Green Jedi Commander/27 Army of Light Training Sergeant/52 Green Jedi x2/10 Army of Light Trooper x2 - (200pts. 8 activations)

I won map roll and selected Anchorawesome and Randy set up spread out along the right bringing in 4 more AoL Troopers, while I brought in Dr.Ev's, another Rodian, and Knees-up.

Round 1: We advance towards that sweet, sweet gambit, me using my triple-override to get a look at a coupl'a Randy's pieces. Boba snipes an AoL Trooper and puts some damage on one of the Green Jedi. He moves half his squad through the top of the map and gets the rest of them away from the narrow doorway, while I run Jarael into gambit. 10-0

Round 2: Some more advancement, me trying to maximise my range/activations/door control, Randy trying to get into my face without getting shot to pieces. I manage to snipe another AoL Trooper with Boba and keep Jarael in gambit, but leave everyone else outside the left door, while he is moving a lot of big Jedi around outside of LOS and one big gun into gambit. 20-10

Round 3: It's on! He Surprise Moves the Green Jedi Commander below the buildings and comes up underneath me with a noice Master Speed move to attack Alan Kaarde, putting 60 on him, half of that taken by the Bodyguard. I then try a stylee maneuver to double grenade his Corellian Jedi Lord, but fail a save and end up having to double grenade the GJcom, getting my guys in the process. Rolled really well though. Jarael missed a coupl'a parry saves to drop to 10HP and then missed a bunch of shots... but her day was coming. Through a mixture of good shots and such with Boba and friends I kill the CJlord, the GJcom, and a Green Jedi whilst still getting gambit... AND healing Jarael for 30HP, leaving he in the middle room and locking the door knowing he can't get any AoL Troopers to it to blow it up next round. 124-23

Round 4: Big lead now and door control is starting to kick in. I let him move his big pieces before I open the door and start shooting big guns, killing the other Green Jedi, as well as taking out the closest AoL Troopers meaning they won't be able to get me next round either. Randy throws everything at Jarael who now makes and incredible 6 saves in a row. 175-23.

Round 5: Randy tried to kill Jarael but she KEEPS MAKING HER SAVES. I open the door and Boba kills everything else. 230-23.

Randy - kia kaha, nga mihi it was an absolute pleasure to play you and thanks for working around my schoolwork for the game! We commented early about the special Vassal dice and Jarael took that and ran with it.

Mauri ora, mauri mate!
Darth O
Posted: Friday, March 6, 2020 9:30:44 PM
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Darth O beats DarkDracul on Rebel Fortress 2-0

My Squad: (13 acts)
Bryan's: (10 acts)

I won map roll and chose Rebel Fortress. Bryan set up on the left with Droopy in gambit, the Porg and Kneesaa up top and the rest in the Hangar.

Round 1: Bryan spreads his guys around the Hangar to avoid grenades. I use my first 10 acts to move into the Barracks in the bottom right. One porg becomes 3. R2 has towed Yoda 12 already, so he runs up 20ish to the back door of gambit, 7 away from disruptive. Momaw swaps in and kills the Killik and deals 20 dmg to Qi'ra (50 HP), Droopy (40) & Mira (50). he then runs into gambit, shutting the door behind him. Gambit to both; Oli $15 (13 acts) Bryan $10 (11 acts).

Round 2: Brian wins init and intuitions Bossk further up the hangar. He lets me start, so Momaw moves towards the right side of gambit and puts another 20 on Droopy (20). Qi'ra opens the left door of gambit and lets Mira use an FP to move 8 and kill Momaw with Twin. Bryan moves his folk into the gambit room, with Han staying in the Hangar. Yoda runs up to the bottom door of gambit and switches with Calo. Droopy fails his second grenades save (dead) and Calo runs outside gambit on the bottom right to close the door. Gambit to Bryan - Bryan $35 (10 acts) Oli $25 (12 acts).

Round 3: I win init, so I tuck Calo back into the Barracks after Han intuitions closer to the middle. Bryan moves his folk closer to the middle of gambit. R2 tows Yoda, then Yoda bases the bottom gambit door. Evazan swaps in and puts an auto 60 on Qi'ra (dead). Gambit to Bryan - Bryan $45 (9 acts) Oli $42 (12 acts).

Round 4: I win init. Dash bases Evazan with intuition to prevent him from pulling a runner. Evazan settles for putting 60 on Dash (10). Evazan does not avoid his defeat to Dash. Bryan repositions his folk in gambit, and his Porgs yield 2 more. R2 tows Calo to the top of the bottom room, then he runs to the left door of gambit, just outside disruptive range. Yoda swaps in and uses master speed to gallop the last 10 HP out of Dash (dead) and base the very top left door with the Porgs. Gambit to Bryan - Brian $71 (10 acts) Oli $70 (11 acts).

Round 5: Bryan wins init and intuitions Bossk to the top gambit door. Yoda makes both his Stun Mortar saves. Yoda then gallops 4 Porgs to death for 20 pts. Han kills the Spaarti. Mira moves 12 to the top Barracks door, but the 70 minutes are up. Calo puts 40 on Mira to reduce her to 10 HP. A Rodian and Panaka miss their shot at finishing what Momaw started. Gambit to Bryan, but the game ends at Oli $90 Brian $86.

Had the game gone another round, we agreed that there is no way that Bryan would be able to kill enough points to make up for Mira and 7 pts of fodder dying next round. I possibly could have killed Han with Calo too.

Overall a very tight match that could have gone either way if we had no time limit.
Posted: Monday, March 9, 2020 6:14:41 AM
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Caedus defeats UrbanShmi 3-0 on Rebel Fortress. My Squad
Play report to come later
Posted: Monday, March 9, 2020 1:47:40 PM
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Tim and I are playing Wednesday night.
Posted: Monday, March 9, 2020 9:50:51 PM
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Daman and I played

I won map (bothan spynet) and he let me set up first. I took the right and piled everyone in the lower right. He put most of his guys in the upper left, with wier in the middle so he could pop in and out of the door, and one speeder in the middle as well

Rd 1
was mostly postitioning. Rancor took only 10 from a hit/projector/miss from weir, and he pushed the top speeder a little too far into the hall between mission control and command center and the other in the normal middle behind the hallway.

Rd 2
I won init but let him go first. He spun mas I think, and with a little luck and an XT later I killed the first speeder that had pushed up too far. Ran to open the door, shoot with mira and hit 1 (out of 3) then grip with lord nyax. I then put all the important people in the first little gambit closet so he couldn't strafe them. between strafe, weir, and pollard, the rancor was reduced to 10 hp and he then prox mined him with the bothan sab so it was a dead thing.

Rd 3
He won init, strafed Nyax on the way out and hid the speeder. I ran one of the sith ord specialists to be adjacent to a couple of uggies and his bothan. he moved both uggies away trying to save them but I cut them down. I was going to try and use the mines save from the rancor to sac the ord to do 10 so I could then turn the sab into a rakghoul, but rolled a 1 so couldn't . But that was ok, I did it later when Mira missed one of her shots on the sab. He then used the flim cannon to take out the rak and earn a cool 16 pts. I moved Nyax up to force dominate and sacced the ord to clear out a mouse so mira could hit the speeder (did 20 damage to it). Then nyax ate some damage from Weir.

Rd 4
I won this key init and ambushed with Celeste into the speeder killing it. Ran pollard and malakili around to the other gambit closet, used mira to take out some mice with satchel/grenades, and tried pushed nyax towards the clerks office

Rd 5
Nyax smashed into gary who had peeked out to do some shooting. Then there was some missing by his commanders. Mira killed Needa, and did 40 to piett and 20 to flim with some nice grenades, celeste moved to catch up, and weir was still running up the side, but finally got close enough to get to gambit and take out the other sith ord specialist

Rd 6
Mira took out Mas, Celeste turned Flim into a rak and based Piett to keep him in place. Some misses by Daman, then the Rak turned Kneesa into a rak and was just close enough to be able to get to disra and turn him into a rak. Pollard and Malakili were still hiding in the closet and Weir held down gambit again with nothing else to do.

Final score
Urban Jedi wins 3-0
Posted: Wednesday, March 11, 2020 12:33:37 PM
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Deadline approaching. 3 games not played yet
FlyingArrow vs Timmerb123
Kiki vs AceAce
Mando vs Darth Rattlehead

I've seen the post by FA concerning him, and have received communication on one other.
Posted: Wednesday, March 11, 2020 7:47:45 PM
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TimmerB vs FlyingArrow: Round 1 of Spring 2020 Vassal Tournament

TimmerB's Sith: "Oppress'd Up!" (Revan/Oppress/Talzin)
FlyingArrow's Hutt Cartel: "DoubleFlex (v2)" (Bib/Skiff/Kajidii/Glass cannons)

MAP: Played on TimmerB's Rhen Var

TimmerB won map. FlyingArrow defers and TimmerB takes left. Freedon Nadd both haunts and Dark-Masters Savage. Kajidii gives Hostage Shield to the Rakghoul Warrior. Reinforcements: Rodian Raider + TC-70. Kajidii swaps Evazan for Chiss Captain. Jabba sets up in gambit.

Round 1
FlyingArrow loads up the skiff (6 pieces), keeps Lobot in the back to lock doors and keep Bib safe. The ones not on the skiff advance.
TimmerB advances through the middle hallway.
Gambit for Hutt Cartel. 10-0

Round 2
Skiff gets to the hallway corner east of the main room. Jabba holds open the door for the skiff.
Revan runs in, attacks Jabba. Swap in Savage. Savage kills Jabba (door closes), and then he goes down to hide under the table in the southern conference room.
Human Bodyguard pushes the Killik using Bib's CE, and then Killik can run 12 to open the door for the Skiff. Skiff moves into the center room and everyone disembarks. The skiff crew unloads on the Sith they can reach, killing a Mouse, Vongerella, and Savage (which also pops the ghost).
Gambit for Hutt Cartel. 91-7

Round 3
Mother Talzin lights up the whole crew. (Dead Czerka, Rodian Raider, TC-70, and Ewok.) Talz and Rakghoul survive and run back onto the skiff for safety. Revan comes and hits on the side of the skiff some and then swaps out to let the Sith Witch do the same. The Hutt Cartel fodder and Kajidii move up to try to join the fight but don't really do any damage.
Gambit for both. 101-37

Round 4
Kajidii takes some attacks and dies this round. Sith Witch also gets killed this round. Killik dies, too. More damage on the skiff. After the Sith kill the Kajidii and put more damage on the skiff and are out of activations, the Rak and Talz get off the skiff and kill Wyyrlock and Mother Talzin. The Rakghoul Warrior gets the kill shot on both, so they both become Rakghouls. The new Raks go attack Revan but miss.
Gambit for Hutt Cartel. 178-63

Round 5
Revan is all that's left for the Sith. He takes out the Rak Warrior at the top of the round. Talz moves in and puts a lot of damage on Revan. Not enough to kill him, though. The whole squad attacks Revan, mostly missing but sneaking a couple shots in.
Gambit for Hutt Cartel. 188-88

Round 6
Revan still lives and kills the Talz Pirate at the top of the round. The whole squad attacks Revan again, again mostly missing, but occasionally sneaking in a little damage.
Gambit for Hutt Cartel. 198-107

Round 7
Revan kills Salacious Crumb (only thing worth points that he can kill in one turn from where he is). Then takes a billion AoOs to try for gambit. A crit from the Chiss Captain finally finishes off Revan.
Gambit for Hutt Cartel. 270-111

Surviving: Bib, Human BG, Lobot, Skiff, Chiss Captain, two rakghouls
Posted: Thursday, March 12, 2020 5:31:00 AM
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Issuing a 3pt win to Kiki and Mando based on unresponsive opponents. Also never recieved a registration from Darth Rattlehead so I am dropping him from the tournament.
Posted: Thursday, March 12, 2020 5:40:17 AM
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Round 2 Pairings

Spry vs Kiki
Gandalfthegreatestwizard vs Caedus
Kezzamachine vs Mando
UrbanJedi vs FlyingArrow
Darth O vs General Grievous
Timmerb123 vs Randy
UrbanShmi vs thereisnotry
Dr Daman vs DarkDracul
AceAce vs Bye

You have until Saturday 3/21 at 9pm to finish
New pairings will go out Sunday 3/22 at 9am.
Posted: Friday, March 13, 2020 7:15:03 AM
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It would be very helpful to have all the squads and maps posted
Posted: Friday, March 13, 2020 11:54:31 AM
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Will try and post by Sunday if not I'll send them to Shawn to post. I wont have a chance myself until then.
Posted: Friday, March 13, 2020 1:05:08 PM
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1. UrbanShmi
Map: Rhen Var

2. Gandalf
Map: Offworld Shipping Center

3. Spry
Map: Spynet HQ

4. Kiki
Map: Anchorhead

5. Caedus
Map: Rebel Fortress

6. General Grievous
Map: Rhen Var

7. Kez
Map: Anchorhead

8. Darth O
Map: Rebel Fortress

9. UrbanJedi
Map: Spynet HQ

10. FlyingArrow
Map: Spynet HQ

11. AceAce
Map: Offworld Shipping
Squad: --Another Tool in the Belt--
38 Aleema Keto, Sith Sorceress
14 Exar Kun, Dark Force Spirit
132 Kouhun x11
10 Droopy McCool
6 Ugnaught Demolitionist x2

12. thereisnotry
Map: Cloud City

13. DarkDracul
Map: Cloud City

14. Randy
Map: Rebel Fortress
Squad: --Green Falafel--
45 Valenthyne Farfalla
36 Corellian Jedi Lord
30 Green Jedi Commander
27 Army of Light Training Sergeant
52 Green Jedi x2
10 Army of Light Trooper x2

15. Dr Daman
Map: Rebel Fortress

16. Mando
Map: Rhen Var

17. TimmerB123
Map: Rhen Var
Squad: --Oppress’d Up!--
62 Darth Revan, Sith Lord
42 Savage Opress
31 Mother Talzin
20 Darth Wyyrlok III
17 Vongerella, Dark Jedi
16 Sith Witch
11 Freedon Nadd, Dark Force Spirit
3 Mouse Droid

(202pts. 8 activations)
Posted: Friday, March 13, 2020 1:25:11 PM
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Darth O and I had our Commonwealth battle. Swapping deep strike is my bane and Vong is his so we both had to adapt against some crazy tactics. I used the Yammosk to steal Tarpals CE, doubling the damage output of my last bug shadow warriors. I won map choice and so we battled on Rhen Var, he did get the nice setup side while I awkwardly put my Yammosk in a shed. Careful maneuvering on both squads and at the end of the round Darth launched an exceptional deep strike with R2 towing Yoda, and then swapping in Calo for an amazing grenades strike at my clustered commanders. I managed to roll hot enough to keep the commanders intact but Calo was sent back to the starting area with full hitpoints, I had presumed he was dead, but I was wrong haha. I had managed to also get a couple blasts bugs on Yoda.

Next round was a calm resetting round where a Vong detachment made its way into gambit.

Third round all the fodder/commanders was activated and then another deep R2/Yoda strike brought Calo Nord in next to my command group where he killed off my subcommander ending the terror that is blast bugs, and all I had to show for it was another few bugs on Yoda's hp.

4th/subsequent rounds: I still had one trick left as all off my warriors could still double throw their Thud bugs which was huge for being able to stun and kill off Darth's attackers. Self-destruct took out Momaw who had swapped in for Calo. Yoda galloped into gambit hitting all of my warriors but taking some hits back, and due to being able to hold gambit the rest of the game, as well as two back to back timely initiative wins which let me thud Yoda to death and stun Calo for a round pushed me into a narrow victory.

Excellent game against a solid player running a well-tuned squad who turned what should have been a tough matchup into close loss.

Final score:
General Grievous 133
Darth_O 98

2 points for myself and 1 for my Commonwealth brother
Posted: Friday, March 13, 2020 2:58:44 PM
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running kelborn jango m 2 dalamtion vegrtion and sith
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