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2020 Vassal Regional Play Reports, Pairings, and Standings. Options
Posted: Thursday, March 26, 2020 12:26:52 PM
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Grievous over Dr. Daman 200-73 for a 3 point win.

Daman won map roll and chose his Rebel Fortress. I set up on the right hand side to hide my command group in the upper right corner. I stole Flim's CE to help with some longer range bug trickery. He won initiative and the activating fodder/commanders game began. First round he made it into gambit with his speeders and I was scattered throughout the right side rooms close to gambit trying to not be an easy strafe.

Round 2 the activating game continued until I ran a warrior to the south door then used the Yammosk (with Flim's CE) to activate the warrior to throw a thud at the speeder, and so began the first of three really bad thud bug save failures in the game. My warriors began to move in closer including one adjacent to the stunned speeder, Daman took advantage of my overconfidence to use his actual Flim to activate the speeder to shoot and twin to kill my warrior, which then did 20 self-destruct damage on the speeder. He used his second speeder to fly past most of my force killing one warrior and an ugnaught in the top room and setting up for a next round commander strafe. I ran up more warriors to be closer to gambit and the charging speeder.

Round 3 I won initiative and used the warrior in gambit to blast bug and to finish off the wounded speeder. Daman spun some fodder while I used a warrior to charge up and thud bug the lurking speeder, again it failed the save roll and was activated. He did Flim again and pull off another great kill shot on that warrior for vengence. I had the yammosk trigger another blast and finished off the second speeder. Weir came into gambit at the end of the round.

Round 4 I won initiative for the third time (despite Daman's +4 to init rolls, rotten luck for my exceptional opponent this game) and let him go first as I didn't want to risk getting hit by the super twin opportunist from him. Some manuevering around and I managed to get a clear line on another thud bug on Weir, which the failed. At this point my warriors began mop up with the blast bugs on Weir and the fodder around gambit while Daman's command group poked out some shots on a stray ugnaught lurking in the open. At the end of the round Daman conceded as he had no fighting force left to be able to deal damage or get into gambit past the remaining five Warriors and Nom and the Ooglithed Subcommander that had started Vong-forming gambit.

Dr. Daman did a great job against a hard matchup and some terrible dice rolls, also everyone in New Zealand has been an awesome sport and great player thus far.
Posted: Saturday, March 28, 2020 5:15:20 PM
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thereisnotry defeats kiki, 230-100.
3pts for tint, 1pt for kiki

Map: kiki won the map roll, so we played on Anchorhead, and I set up on the right.

Round 1: All positioning and no shooting, since his R7 locked the door on his side of the gambit room (I had thorium'd the door on my side). Jango flew to gambit, because...why not?

Round 2: I won init, so I used resolnare to set up my guys in the room, then I let him go first. He ran an ugnaught up beside Han. I then blew the door with my Demolitionist and Mira spent a FP to run 8 to toss grenades at Han and the Ugnaught. Yay? Um, no, because then Jacen used his ballerina ability to put 40 dmg on Mira, Kelborn, and Vindicated. Han then triple-attacked, killing Mira and then putting 10 dmg on Vindicated (hadn't activated yet, then made his armor save). I then activated 3 and tripled with Vindicated on Jacen, including a crit for 50 after armor. Kelborn finished Jacen off, and then Jango triple-attacked at Han, hitting all 3 attacks and Han amazingly managed to fail all 3 evades, so that was the end of Han. Kiki made a nasty move with L3-37 to base Jango, thus preventing Jango's CE from taking effect. Then Lando then said, "Han, ol' buddy, you just let me down!!!" and proceeded to unleash on Jango, dropping him to 40 health with a barrage of shots. Wedge put 10 dmg into Vindicated.

Round 3: I lost init, but managed to move my guys to safety via resolnare (with Jango safely out of Lando's sight). L3-37 couldn't roll for nothing against my Demolitionist, so Kelborn then removed him. Vindicated put 60 onto Lando, and Jango flew a long way base Lando for the kill. At this point it was just the R7, Wedge, and Jag left vs Jango (40), Vindicated (90), Kelborn (50), and Demolitionist (10). I won the next init and FA'd with Jango again, putting minor damage on everyone. Jag and Wedge then proceeded to erase Jango, which brought kiki to 94 pts. I moved my other guys up to get in Wedge's grill for the next round.

Round 4: kiki won init again and ran past Kelborn (missed aoo) to make the kill on my Demolitionist, bringing his score to a perfect 100. Kelborn and Vindicated then finished Wedge and Jag for the game.

Good times! Lando is a beast, with his +20 for 30dmg quad-attack. A few more shots from Han (if he could've made some Evades) and Lando, and this would be a different result.

Thanks kiki! Good times.
Posted: Saturday, March 28, 2020 5:34:18 PM
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Randy (215) over Darth O (107)

This was a fast, bloody and aggressive game. We both went at it head to head and held back nothing. Ultimately the Force (Vassal Dice) were with me. I will try my best with the report but it was definitely a brutal game.

I took 4 AOL Troopers for my Reinforcements.

He won map so I got to set up first. We both had Rebel Fortress. I set up on the right. I put Farfalla and an AOL trooper in the War Room. The Corellian Jedi Lord, a Green Jedi, and a couple troopers started up top. Everyone else congregated in the south office. Darth O put Mas, Tarpals, and Kneesaa in the Guard Post. Everyone else set up in the Hangar.

Darth O spearheaded an assault into the Command Center. Yobuck, R2, Momaw, and Panaka sitting inside the door. Calo and Dr. E standing outside the door. I got a Single Green Jedi into the Command Center. The remainder of my squad approached from the top and bottom. Yoda came charging out, crashing into the Green Jedi and dropping a hot 40 damage on it. Captain Pancake traded Yobuck for Hammerhead and Hammerhead screeched for more damage. Twice. The Green Jedi was doomed. He knew it. He had no illusions about leaving that room alive. He ignored the Ithorian and charged... Dr. E.. Dropping him in a twin barrage that E. never saw coming. Calo Nord then handed the Green Jedi the death blow.

The other Green Jedi rushed in the south door and swung twice on the mighty DOOMBOT. Captain Pancake played bodyguard for the bot of DOOM and took 60 smacks in the face. My Green Jedi Commander made his way in behind his pawn and took to working crowd control in the Command Center. The Corellian Jedi Lord ran down the North Hallway. His goal, the easy points in the far off Guard Post. At some point in all this Hammerhead was switched with a Rodian, where he was able to use very harsh language on the Army of Light Training Sergeant as he backed away.

Farfalla Left the War Room, leaving his trusty AOL Trooper to hold the fort. He made his way down the center passage toward the Command Center. A battle of scrubs was beginning to form in the lower part of the room and he didn't want to miss out.

The Jedi Lord and the AOLTS converged on Momaw. First the Lord ran down and hit him. Followed by the AOLTS running straight into him. Mas and Tarpals left the Guard Post with their trusty ewok and began advancing around the Sickbay.

The Corellian Jedi Lord now turned his attention to Yoda. He ran into the Command Center and used his Lightsaber Bravado. DOOM picked up Calo and took him to the far side of the Command Center. Then he locked Falafel out. Calo Nord chucked 2 nades right at the Green Jedi Commander. (At this point we both began to question if any save in the game had been something other than a 20 or a 1.) Yoda finished off the Green Jedi but a second Bravado from The CJL was fatal. The Corellian Ran to the corner farthest away from Nord. The Green JC disassembled the Doombot finally while my troopers slowly worked at Calo.

Captain Tarpals made his way into the Command Center. Mas and The Princess ran interference on the AOLTS. Falafel followed Tarpals in the door but could not catch him. My troopers hit enough damage on Calo to trigger Presumed Dead. Calo re-spawned in the North Hallway giving him a straight shot on the AOLTS. Giving the Green JC no choice but to strike down Tarpals. This left The Green Falafel team in sole control of gambit for the first time all game. Score 195 to 107 after Gambit. On the final round the AOLTS killed Mr. Amedda and his little princess friend. They were not able to take him down. Even with the help of the Mighty Calo Nord. Those 2 plus one more round of gambit put the Green Falafels in the winner circle.

It was a really tight game until the saves turned against Darth O. With my fast, high Hit Point, Twin Attackers spread far apart YoBuck was not too effective and I was able to knock out key support before having to focus on Yoda. My early kill on Dr. E. was big and made the skirmish a war of attrition. We were done in under an hour.

Hope to play you again soon Darth O. It was a great game.
Posted: Tuesday, March 31, 2020 11:29:16 AM
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FlyingArrow 182 - spryguy1981 102

Map: Spynet HQ

NR: activations (Killik, 3 Brutes, 2 Ugnaughts)
Hutt Cartel: Rodian Assassin, Duros Scout

Kajidii swap: drop Evazan for Chiss Captain

Note to everyone: -6 Attack when a nonmelee attacker is adjacent to the skiff. I've forgotten this multiple times. So far, it hasn't affected the outcome of a game (either really high rolls or really low rolls or extra attackers who would've cleaned up the kill anyway). But hopefully it never does. Hopefully I don't forget again.

Hutt Cartel on right, NR on left.

Round 1: Positioning. Jaina levitated so she could reach gambit. Gambit for both. 10-10.

Round 2: Jaina kills Jabba. Skiff sets up to assault Jaina. S. Crumb is shot by Jag immediately. Later in the round, Talz Pirate kills Jaina (including 2 crits). Also a dead Rodian Brute. Ewok Hang Glider gets pushed and then strafes, missing Jag but killing 2 Brutes and an Ugnaught. Ewok dies. Anakin runs out to gambit to set up for a burst. Gambit for Hutt Cartel. 52-38.

Round 3: NR wins init and Anakin bursts. Dead Rodian Assassin, dead Duros Scout, dead Lobot, damage to the Skiff, Human Bodyguard, and the Talz Pirate. Talz kills Anakin and then retreats. Luke and Octa come out and start banging on the skiff. Rakghoul attacks Luke but only hits 1 of 4. Gambit for Hutt Cartel. 75-65

Round 4: NR wins init and Luke triples on the Rakghoul Warrior but misses 1 and isn't getting Bravado, so Rak Warrior still has 30hp. Skiff flies off so Rak no longer has the -6 penalty, then the Rakghoul returns fire and kills Luke, creating a regular Rakghoul. Rak also pushes the Killik into Octa's way. Octa kills both and is then levitated away. Talz gives chase but then attacks Jag instead of Octa, getting the kill. Chiss Captain attacks Ganner. Gambit for Hutt Cartel. 143-70.

Round 5: NR wins init and kills the Talz. Ganner kills the Czerka. Rakghoul and Chiss finish off Ganner. Gambit for Hutt Cartel. 182-102
Posted: Tuesday, March 31, 2020 4:14:38 PM
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thekezzamachine and his Talon'd scoundrels best Gandalf's OR Covenant Jedi, 130-20 or 2-0 on Anchorhead.

First off - kudos to Joe for working around my every changing schedule. What with remote school stuff, family exercise routines, and logo design work, my timetable fluctuates a touch. Anyhoo, I eventually arrived for our matchup and won map roll and chose Anchorhead, Joe taking the right and setting up first. I bring in the old firm of Evazan, a Rodian, and Kneesa.

Round One. Lots of positioning. I tried to get some early shots through some opened doors (forgetting Diplomat), but Joe managed to stay away long enough. I finished the round moving the Defender into gambit. 0-10 to Joe.

Round Two. I intuit Mira to threaten the Defender and he responds by Intuit-ing the Defender out of harms way before I launch Boba to snipe his R7 and a Rodian. We play around with positioning for the rest of the round and I end it by moving Jarael into gambit. 21-10.

Round Three. It's on. After some early action (he blows the right door with an Uggie and I shoot the Uggie), he charges his Defender it to have a go at Jarael, but rolls a 1. While I'm pondering that, he launches Q'anilia at Talon. Hits twice, but Ponda takes half. I bring Evazan up to Surgery Q'anilia and finish her off with Mira. He moves Raana into the centre room, but up beyond the top door. I lock her out. Double gambit and its 59-20.

Round Four. Final round. The Defender attacks Boba hitting twice, but I had Intuit'd up Ponda and he takes half and dies. Joe sacks his XT6 and fires his Protector, again hitting twice. Boba down to 20. I GMA Boba to kill his Sentinel and put 30 on his Togruta (door control now gone), and move him out of harms way. Mira grenades the Togruta killing it, the Senator, and putting 20 on the Protector, then second grenades the Protector. Mira then moves out of the room (she was on 40!). Next phase for me, Evazan moves to surgery the Defender (gone!) and I lock the left door with only Jarael and Evazan in the room with all his guys. When he's all out - time has now gone - I open the door and send three Rodians in who take out the Consular. Time and game, 130-20.

3-0 against OR so far in this Tournament. I think I have a good squad for OR Jedi, plus a nasty map for them. Don't expect to keep this form up! Thanks Joe for taking a break from the study to game. Kia ora, e hoa!

Mauri ora, mauri mate!
Posted: Tuesday, March 31, 2020 4:15:31 PM
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Oh - in NZ SWM news, that game between Joe and I is a NZ Competition game so I take the Save 11 Shield!
Posted: Wednesday, April 1, 2020 4:09:32 AM
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Round 4 Pairings

FlyingArrow vs KezzaMachine
Spryguy1981 vs UrbanJedi
General Grievous vs thereisnotry
Randy vs Mando
Gandalf vs Kiki
Caedus vs AceAce
UrbanShmi vs DarkDracul
Dr Daman vs Darth O
TimmerB123 Bye

You have until Friday, April 10 at 9pm to get these games in. Round 5 Pairings will go out the following morning as close to 9 as I can get them.

Posted: Thursday, April 2, 2020 12:41:36 PM
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thereisnotry defeats General Grievous 220-56.
3 pts for tint, 0 pts for GG

I won the map roll so we played on Bespin. GG set up on the left side, with me on the outside.

Round 1: I maneuvered my dudes up to the door south of the gambit zone, because I wanted to make it harder for the invisible Vong to get at me without exposing themselves.

Round 2: GG won initiative and let me go first. I used resolnare to reposition my guys, then my Demolitionist blew the main door leading into the hallway. GG sent a Warrior over the top to drop a BB on Mira (down to 50). I then moved my Tactician up to open the small door leading to the center room, and moved Kelborn up beneath him. Both of them are in cover with Cloaked, and because of Vindicated's positioning, it was impossible for the Warriors to see them without being in the disruptive bubble. GG moved some scrubs. I then moved Vindicated and shot an Ug that was in gambit, and used his CE to push Mira forward. She then made was was likely my most important move of the game, because of how it allowed things to escalate later: she tossed a double grenade on 2 Warriors who were standing in the room west of the Gambit room; they were both beside low objects, so they each took 40 dmg. Mira then retreated behind Vindicated. Lastly, I used FA to charge Jango all the way down the hallway, where he shot an Ug (yippee!). That wasn't the reason I did it, though: next round I would've been able to get into the room where GG had stashed his commanders, which would've been superb. Furthermore, GG only had 6 Warriors left to activate, which meant that Jango would survive with 10hp. And he would've, except for a single, last-ditch effort by a heroic Ugnaught...he moved up to attack Jango's 25 Defense...and rolled a 20! Huge. Huge! Gambit for me, still none for GG.

Round 3: I won init, so (with my Jango plan foiled) I used resolnare to set up in the center room, and proceeded to use Vindicated, Kelborn, and Mira to kill 3 Warriors: both of the ones who Mira had damaged in the previous round, as well as the one that had come around the top to BB Mira in the previous round. Mira was also able to put a bit more damage on 2 Warriors that were adjacent to each other. GG retaliated by BB'ing Vindicated down to 70 hp. No gambit for either of us.

Round 4: I won init and managed to kill 2 more Warriors. GG brought Vindicated down to 10 hp by the end of the round. The next init would be huge, since a kill on Vindicated would leave the rest of my (very squishy) squad without any protection. We tied, and then I won it on the reroll (thank you Mr. Tactician, for Tactician +4!). That pretty much sealed the game, because I was now close enough to finish off Nom and both of the Warriors, as well as the Subcommander.

Rounds 5 and 6: At this point it was just a matter of chasing down the rest of his squad and knocking them off 1 by 1. The game ended with Vindicated and Kelborn each at 10 hp, Mira at 50, and the Tactician at 40.

Basically, Disruptive saved my tail. It removed the SS nonsense and also prevented BBs on a number of occasions. I wasn't sure if I had a way to win this one, but winning some key inits turned things in my favor.

Posted: Thursday, April 2, 2020 1:19:09 PM
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Crazy game, you played expertly and I used up all my luck on the Ugnaught killing Jango roll hahaha. Seriously coudnlt win an initiative to save my life after. But good game against a fellow Canadian!
Posted: Friday, April 3, 2020 3:28:37 PM
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gandalfthegreatestwizard beats kiki on Offworld Shipping Centre 3-0

I won map and chose my map, kiki set up on the left between the bridges and I set up in the corridor next to the Landing Bay.

Round 1: I moved my squad up next to the Control Centre, with the Cov Defender in gambit. kiki moved his squad to the left of the Control Centre. kiki locked the door on my side with Override, but I blew it up with the Sentinel's Controls Shatter 2. Gambit to me. 10-0

Round 2: I won init. I could have done a cool move and killed Han with a Protector/cannon shot, but I forgot to move with the Consular's CE, so instead I just moved a Rodian into the Control Centre. kiki locked the door on his side of the Control Centre with Override. Wedge moved around to the bottom of the Control Centre and sniped my Rodian. I moved my Togruta Seer to attack Wedge but he missed with a 2 needing a 5, then Arca turned on Battlemind one turn too late, lol. Jacen rolled up and killed the Togruta with Sith Rage 2, and then I moved up my Protector w/ cannon shot to put 90 on Jacen (made all VCA6). kiki opened the door on his side of gambit and Han moved and hit the Defender once needing a 12, but I made Shien with a reroll. Q'Anilia 'Knight Speeded' to attack Jacen, but missed both needing 4s. I moved my X-T6 up front (stupid of me) and Lando killed it. The Consular and Defender both piled in on Lando, dropping him to 20, but I had no on close enough to finish him off, so I just moved the rest of my squad into gambit and locked the door on his side with my R7. Gambit to both. 20-24

Round 3: We tied for init and then I won on the reroll. I had the choice of killing Lando or Jacen (could have done both if I still have the X-T6 lol), and decided to take out Jacen with Q'Anilia who then GMA'd back into gambit. Lando dropped a crit on the Consular- luckily for me I made LS Defense- and then dropped him to 10 with his remaining 3 attacks. Wedge moved to shoot the Consular, giving an AoO to the Protector for 40, but missed the first and got LS Defensed on the second. I killed Lando with the Consular. kiki blew his side's door with his ug, then Han Tripled Q'Anilia with Opportunist, but missed one and the Defender made 2 Defender saves. Cov Sentinel and Defender dropped L3 who was blocking the door to 20, then she hit back dealing 20 to the Sentinel. Raana moved up, killed L3, and hit Han for 30. Protector+Senator combo finished off Han. Gambit to me. 186-24

Round 4: Cleanup- I kill Wedge, Jag and kiki's door control. 200-24
Posted: Saturday, April 4, 2020 6:01:53 AM
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Spryguy beats UrbanJedi 240-86 3-0

r1 positioning

r2 Jaina kills Pollard, wounds Rancor

r3 Jaina kills Rancor, Celeste Raks Luke after Nyax wounds him, Octa kills Rak, Anakin unleashes on the entire squad and gets malakili wounds he others

r4 Jaina kills Celeste, Mira kills Anakin

r5 Ganner kills Mira, Jaina kills Nyax
Posted: Sunday, April 5, 2020 7:01:05 PM
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Mando vs Randy in an epic showdown between the covenant side of the force and the green army of force.

I won map roll but defered to Randy. We went with Rebel fortress.

This game was a nail biter! came down to the very end! i had to play extremely smart with my movements to gain an advantage in this one. My covenant held the gambit zone for the entire match and the game went to time with me getting 5 rounds of gambit to his 1 round of gambit. I blocked his guys from getting in and using my hp to set up a wall of hp which was hard to get through.

round 1, we both get into gambit. Speed 8 defender will do that. Green Jedi with master speed will do that also. these were very fast teams.

round 2, i use my CE from consular to set up my defender adjacent to his green jedi. I lose init and his green jedi whacks my defender 2 times. 20 hp remaining. I move my protector up with force leap to hit his AoL Training seargent and hit for just 20 dmg after he made a succesful defense save. Lucien charged up and i decided to take some aoo's to save myself a fp in case i needed to reroll dispassionate killer. good thing i did. However Lucien took a lot of dmg from not using force leap. Lucien GMA Tripples and lands 2 hits on Corellian Lord with a crit being dealt doing 100dmg total. 3rd attack goes against AoL Training seargent. 40 more dmg. CE goes to my Protector who lands a crit against the AoL Training seargent and he goes down. I fail the save for Dispassionate killer but i use a fprr to make the save again and its a success. phew! He whacks me with his Correlian Lord against Lucien and i use lightsaber protection + riposte to stay alive and kill the correlian lord. Lucien goes down against his Green Jedi Commander. One of his Green Jedi go down from my Defender + executor.

round 3. Q'Anilia and Raana use their bravado and GMA to score more hits and take out the other green Jedi. I lose my Executor. Q'Anilia stays alive due to her Lightsaber protection. Defender dies. I take out a couple of army of light troopers.

round 4. I win init with anticipation reroll of init and Raana takes out green jedi commander. Q'Anilia dies to Farfalla. I move my Consular up to take out another trooper and block entrance to gambit.

round 5. I win init again thanks to anticipation, take out 2 more troopers with Raana and Farfalla needs a crit against my consular in order to open the path to gambit. no crit despite the reroll. his last trooper hits for 20, consular is down to 10 hp. I score gambit a 5th time and time is called. Raana Tey is at 70hp, consular is 10hp, r7 is full hp. Farfalla is full hp (no way was i gonna waste attacks on him....he's a tanky little beast! just doesn't hit for much tho....)

final score: 200- 155. 3pt win to Mando, 1pt win to Randy. Extremely fun and close game! this was down to the wire! we both being very good with our movements and attacks. I had to play a perfect strategic game in order to have a shot at winning because those green jedi with AoL jedi have lots more damage, hp and activations.

Extremely close game! good game Randy! i hope i get to play against you again in the future! you have an excellent squad and this was a truly memorable game and makes me very happy i came back to play in this tournament after my years of being away from the game!
Posted: Sunday, April 5, 2020 7:53:24 PM
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FlyingArrow over Kezz 172-11 after 5 rounds

I won a whole bunch of 50/50 rolls, starting with map roll. We play on Spynet HQ. Hutt Cartel on left.

Talon: Evazan, Brute, Kneessa
Hutt Cartel: Rodian Raider, Gungan Bounty Hunter. Kajidii swap Evazan to Chiss Captain.

Jabba sets up in gambit.*

Round 1: Advancement. Skiff is loaded up and gets to gambit*. 10-0 Hutt Cartel.

Round 2: Mira moves through the small room northeast of gambit and Grenades the skiff. Ponda moves to bodyguard for her but across a doorway. A Rodian Brute stands in front of Mira as nearest target, but not providing cover. Nobody could kill that Brute (his name was Colin) for a long time. Hutt Cartel's Lobot (aka Lobotx) locks the door so the kill shot will stick. Roidan Raider put the first damage on her (some went to Ponda) and then the Talz did the kill shot from distance. Jarael came out and killed the Rodian Raider. Boba came out and tried to kill the Rak Warrior but missed one shot, leaving the Rakghoul at 10hp. Rakghoul Warrior with just 10hp goes up and bases Jarael and kills her, creating a regular Rakghoul. The regular Rakghoul goes up and bases Evazan, Ponda, and Boba.

Round 3: On the play of the game, Boba misses the first two shots at the Rakghoul in his face and then kills it on the 3rd shot. That means the 10hp Rakghoul Warrior lives to fight another day round. Rak Warrior takes a couple shots at Boba and hops back on the skiff. Boba dies this round. Talz was the main damage dealer, but I think some others also took some potshots, some of which may have hit. Evazan accidentally kills Ponda this round in an unfortunate medical mishap (or perhaps it was homicide - who can tell?).

Round 4: Hutt Cartel fight through fodder in an attempt to reach Lobot/Talon where the points remain. Evazan takes out 30hp from the Talz.

Round 5: Hang Glider takes out some fodder on a run through the small room northeast of gambit. Talon kills the Hang Glider. Talz Pirate reaches Talon but doesn't get many boosts and can only do 40dmg, leaving Talon at 20hp. (I don't remember who else had hit him earlier.) Meanwhile, the Rak Warrior had disembarked at the door west of Mission Control. It has a no cover shot on Talon, but no Twin, no Double Claw Attack, and no CQF. So a plain +8Attack on Talon to get to 200... missed it. Rolled a 6. Although, now almost 24 hours later I'm looking at the final screen of the skirmish and I just realized Talon was still in Traps from the Kajidii so that actually would have been a hit. My mistake for missing that.

Final score: 172-11

(I may have the round 2/3/4 details mixed up some. That's the gist of what happened and it was over the course of 3 rounds, but in my description it seems like too much stuff happened in round 2 and not enough in round 4, so some of those thing may have happened a round later than I'm remembering.)

* Jabba can't get gambit. Rapport from Bib lowers his cost below 10. This was the first time I thought about that. I just double-checked my previous 3 games in this tournament, and that misplay didn't change any result. (First game was well over 200, second game I defeated the whole enemy squad, and third game I didn't get to 200 anyway - and the difference was more than the one round of gambit that Jabba earned. This game I noticed it and played it correctly. The skiff was there to earn first round gambit.) It's possible I had an invalid win the last time I played a Hutt Cartel squad, but I'm not going to go back a couple years to check it. Apologies all around.

The score here was lopsided due to several factors.
* Mira's early Grenades. Kezz didn't realize the passengers on the skiff were not adjacent to the skiff. He wouldn't have made that move otherwise, and it left Mira vulnerable.
* I won map roll plus every important gambit. (His override advantage would have been more valuable on Anchorhead.)
* Boba missed 3 huge shots versus Rakghouls. One let the Rak Warrior stay alive at 10hp and 2 other misses meant he spent a whole turn only killing a 0pt regular Rakghoul.
Dr Daman
Posted: Thursday, April 9, 2020 3:14:16 AM
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Dr Daman beats Darth O 173-103 2pts-1pt

Play report to follow soon
Posted: Thursday, April 9, 2020 10:35:08 PM
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DarkDracul 247 vs UrbanShmi 104

I win my map (Cloud City). She sets up in Visitor Center w/ Luke outside Office Suit.
I set up in Control Room with Droopy in a Turbolift.

Round 1:
We move up for positioning. Luke, Jaina, and Droopy in gambit. Gambit, Gambit.
DD 10 /US 10

Round 2:
I Roll a 20 and she rolls 19 for init! I get confused about what to do so I just spin Droopy instead. Her uggie opens the door and Luke drops Bossk to 20hp. Han kills the uggie holding door and Dash bases Luke to drop him to 40hp. Klat Capt reopens the door and Jaina rushes in to kill Bossk and drop Dash to 50hp. Qi'ra kills Luke and bases Jaina. Mira, Kneesa, and Killik go nutty on Jaina knocking her down to 20hp. Gambit, Gambit
DD 56 /US 72

Round 3:
She wins init but I "Talon move" Dash away taking AoO from Jaina (Dash@20hp.) Jaina kills Kneesa and a Killik but forgets Qi'ra is non-melee and dies on her AoO. Mira puts Klat Capt to 10hp. Klat Capt kills me Porg and runs into gambit with Lor San Tacos. Octa fails to killing Droopy. Dash pops out and kills Octa. Her Uggies go block the lower door to the office suite. Gambit, Gambit
DD 127 /US 94

Round 4:
I win init. "Talon move" Mira and double grenade everyone, kill Klat Capt & an Ugg, drop Lor San to 20hp and Kyp to 40hp. Jag spins and an uggie attacks Droopster. Droopy fails to kill the uggie but Talon gets the kill. Her dudes spin in gambit. Dash finds a line and kills Lor San Taco. Gambit, Gambit.
DD 176 /US 104

Round 5:
I Roll another 20 for Init. Qi'ra kills Jag Fel and Dash kills Kyp. Gambit me.
DD 247 /US 104
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Round 5 Pairings
FlyingArrow vs thereisnotry
spryguy1981 vs Mando
Randy vs Gandalfthegreatestwizard
kezzamachine vs General Grievous
UrbanJedi vs DarkDracul
Caedus vs TimmerB123
Darth O vs Urbanshmi
Kiki vs Dr Daman

You have until 9PM on Monday 4/20/20 to complete these games. This round will conclude Swiss and we will break to the playoffs afterwards. There will be a Top 8 bracket and Consoloation Bracket. It will follow standard 1-8 4-5 3-6 2-7 pairings in those brackets.

Playoff pairings will be released Tuesday 4/21 at 9am.

Posted: Monday, April 13, 2020 9:58:42 PM
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Bump. This got bumped off the front page quickly so I imagine people other than me missed it the first time around.
Posted: Wednesday, April 15, 2020 8:09:17 AM
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Spryguy defeats Mando 220-63 on Rhen Var
Lobot brought in Wicket, 2 Uggies, and 2 Brutes

Round 1 was positioning with Mando getting gambit 10-0 I put 20 on the R7 with Jag.

Round 2 I try and kill R7 but fail, he moves his entire squad into gambit and Jaina kills his covenant defender. 21-20

Round 3 he wins init and leaps away with his Consular. Jaina and Luke kill Lucien and the Executor, Octa kills Covenant Protector, then Q'Anilla and Raana kill Luke, Anakin kills the Consular with a push 155-63

Round 4 Jaina whittles down Raana and Q'Anilla and then Anakin Unleashes to take them out, Rodian brute finishes R7. 220-63
Posted: Wednesday, April 15, 2020 7:22:12 PM
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thereisnotry defeats FlyingArrow with a 3-0 victory

TJ won the map roll, so we played on Spynet; I deferred side choice to set up second, and I ended up with the left.

Round 1: I moved all my guys into gambit, with a FA in there from Jango, doing some damage to the Skiff. TJ loads a bunch of guys into the skiff and moves it up near gambit.

Round 2: I won init and let TJ go first, to see if he would unload the Skiff. He didn't so I had to waste most of my guys shooting the skiff. Jango flew down for a nice FA on a bunch of TJ's pieces (including Lobot in the back), but after I was all done, TJ applied Traps, so that Jango's 25 Def was down to 21. Then he disembarked his guys from the skiff, which meant that Jango succumbed to a whole bunch of attacks from the Talz and the Rakghoul...and then became a Rakghoul himself. Ouch. Furthermore, TJ was able to kill my Demolitionist and put a bunch of damage into Vindicated.

Round 3: TJ won init and moved his skiff to protect his guys from a massive Grenade-on-the-skiff that would hit lots of pieces. I blew away the skiff and then used Mira for an impactful pair of gernade tosses, then Kelborn shot the Czerka dead. TJ poured another barrage of shots into Vindicated, who survived the round with 30hp.

Round 4: This was a huge init, because Vindicated's life hung in the balance...and I rolled a 17. I proceeded to knock out the Talz with Vindicated, did another huge gernade toss with Mira, and basically sealed the game with Kelborn. TJ charged the Jango-Rakghoul up in a valiant attempt to score a kill on Vindicated next round, but my Tactician said No.

This one was close. Jango going down early was painful, and Vindicated almost dropped too.

Thanks again, TJ! It's always fun to game with you.
Darth O
Posted: Saturday, April 18, 2020 3:12:02 PM
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Darth O defeats UrbanShmi 3-0 on Rebel Fortress

UrbanShmi picked my map, so I set up on the left. She set up Luke just below the gambit room.

Round 1: Calo shoots Luke for 20 dmg (80 HP). Luke runs up to kill a rodian. Yoda hits Luke for 20 (60 HP). Evazan swaps in and puts put 60 on Luke to kill him with double surgery. UrbanShmi runs people into and to the left of gambit. Gambit to UrbanShmi. Score 33-13 to Darth O.

Round 2: I win init, kill an ugnaught with Evazan and move him out of Jaina's reach. Jaina kills Kneesaa. Calo hits Jaina twice, but she evades both. Yoda uses a force point to move 16 to gallop and normal attack the Klat captain for the kill, taking 20 dmg from a Jaina attack of opportunity (140 HP). Jaina made her parry. Momaw swaps in for Yoda and uses war throat twice to put 20 on Octa (70 HP), Kyp (90 HP), Jaina (80 HP) and Lor (40 HP) and kills one of UrbanShmi's ugnaughts and my rodian and spaarti. Gambit for both. Score 67-31 to Darth O.

Round 3: I win init and put 60 on Jaina with Evazan's surgeries. Kyp kills Evazan with lightsaber throw, and the avoid defeat fails. Octa puts 30 on Momaw (20 HP). Momaw uses war throat twice again to put 20 on Octa (50 HP), Lor (20 HP), Kyp (70 HP) and Jaina (dead). Calo uses grenades twice on Kyp, but he makes both saves after a reroll. Jagged hits Momaw for 10 (10 HP). R2 tows Calo back out of harm's way. Panaka hits Kyp for 20 (50 HP) and swaps Yoda in for Momaw. Yoda gallops and puts 20 on Jagged (40 HP) and Kyp (30 HP), taking 90 from AoO's from Kyp, Jagged and Octa (50 HP). Gambit to UrbanShmi. Score 99-57 to Darth O.

Round 4: UrbanShmi wins init and is unable to kill Momaw with an ugnaught. Momaw uses war throat twice for the third time this game to kill the ugnaught and put 20 on Kyp (10 HP). Kyp bases Calo and uses lightsaber throw to put 50 on Calo after beskar'gam, but he uses presumed dead to come back at 80 HP. Yoda gallops to kill Kyp. Octa runs up and misses an attack on Yoda. Calo shoots to kill Lor and put 20 on Octa (30 HP). R2 tows Calo into gambit, and Panaka bases Octa and Yoda. Score 181-57 to Darth O.

Round 5: UrbanShmi wins init and uses surprise attack with Octa on Yoda, but Panaka bodyquards the 30 damage (40 HP). Octa then uses double attack on Panaka to kill him. Yoda double attacks to kill Octa and end the game 210-80.
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