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Bad Trade List Options
Posted: Wednesday, April 30, 2014 9:05:56 AM
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+1 BeyondtheScope! Not that it will matter, as I just bought most of his collection from him, and he seems to have ran with the cash and has ignored my e-mail. I doubt he will be trading anymore here, I mean.

First, I had contacted him about buying his collection, and after a bit of negotiation, we agreed on a price for all the minis he listed as his 'collection' (he apparently had a few huges left that weren't included, probably for shipping purposes, but he offered them separately: A Reek and AoE AT-ST).

Then, he specified that he would need payment via money order. Of course this threw up a red flag, as there is zero protection of any kind with MO once I send it. I was wisely counseled to only send AFTER he got the package since he IS a new user after all while I am a reputable trader on bloomilk, and explained that to him. I got a message saying he hoped it wouldn't come back to bite him, and he'd feel better if I sent him a photo of the MO first. I did so. No response. Sent some more e-mails/messages, same result.

I proceeded to buy some other collections/lots, when a couple weeks or so later, I got a message saying he hadn't been able to respond because of a loved one being in the hospital and asked if I was still interested. I found that a bit far fetched, especially since he had signed in constantly to bloomilk (as he has the a few times over the last week or so), but I told him I understood family is first before gaming, so I was still interested. I told him I would need until the end of the month to get enough cash though, as when he didn't respond for forever I had committed to buy someone else's collection. He said this was fine, and a few days before the end of the month, I told him I had the necessary cash, so he was free to ship as soon as possible.

The package arrived fairly promptly, it was fairly well packaged. However, I found broken minis all the same (I didn't think it happened during shipment though, because the missing parts weren't in the box, except one that was already TAPED onto the base of the mini it broke off of...). I later interrogated him on the broken pieces and was informed that he 'forgot' to mention a few broken VR's that he was bragging about being in the collection (yeah, right). Also, upon unwrapping all the cards, I found something quite shocking: About 1/3 of them were FILTHY with various yellow and brown stains and food marks, and several were otherwise damaged. Almost ALL the sleeves (which he SAID ALL would come sleeved, leading me to believe he actually took care of them, but in reality about 1/4 were) were yellow and dirty as well. I've never seen anything like it, and don't really understand how one could get a playing card that dirty, and such a high quantity. I also found about a dozen orphans and other quantities missing from his list.

You probably are all thinking (return that crap), but I didn't want to go to that much trouble unless I had to, so I did a quick adding, and it seemed I could still get a fairly good deal out of it, but I wanted some kind of recompense for the fact that it was so not as described.

Since I hadn't paid yet, I didn't want him to feel I was taking advantage of him, so I didn't want to just take $ off the MO, and when he offered to just send the rest of his minis to make up for it, it seemed like a too-good-to-be-true way to sort it out and neither party be upset. I should probably have been suspicious when he was all too willing to throw in a previously-unmentioned Felcor (the only reason it seemed it might be worthwhile for me), but nevertheless, I let him know I'd go ahead and send the MO about the same time he said he'd be shipping the minis, with the comment that he DID trust me with the bulk of the minis, I think I can pay and trust him with the remaining few.

So, here I am, with nothing since except 'I'll ship Weds or Thurs at the latest' and then 'I wasn't able to ship yet but will Saturday'. And like I said, I e-mailed him and he's signed on bloomlk since as well (as recently as 2 days ago), but no package.
Posted: Monday, September 29, 2014 7:58:38 AM
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FlyingArrow wrote:
Hate to do it, but CorranHornSux123.

I commissioned some customs and he actually sent the items initially but they were packed poorly. I sent my items and returned the broken customs for repair. I wasn't in any hurry so I waited months as he gave some excuses. Now he isn't even logging in. Seems like such a nice guy and he initially sent them so quickly, so I hate to report it, but it's been over a month with no communication and like 4 or 5 months since the items should have been here.


This is the new username of CorranHornSux123. He still owes me from a trade about a year ago, and he has not responded to my messages.
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