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Holding Vader's leash.

Hit Points: 80
Defense: 12
Attack: 0
Damage: 0
Base: Colossal
Gender: Male
Creator: GenCracken
Created: 6/12/2022
Updated: 6/15/2022

Special Abilities

  • Bright Tree Village (This unit counts as Ewok Village Tree and Village Bridge. This unit cannot move or be moved. At least one other unit with this unit’s name must be on the battlefield. This unit may be placed anywhere on this players side of the map. Other units, allies and enemies, may climb or walk this unit’s bridges, ramps, and surfaces at half their normal speed. These units all count as being adjacent to this unit for the purpose of Special Abilities. Units that count as Ewoks or have special abilities such as Wall Climber or Sure Footing may move their full speed. When this unit is defeated, all connecting Village Bridges are also defeated.)
  • Village Bridge (this unit’s connecting ramps and bridges may be targeted either by allies or enemies. They have 30 HP, +13 Defense, Damage Reduction 10, and Flammable. Once the bridges are Defeated, they may no longer be traversed.)
  • Flammable (Whenever an adjacent unit is targeted by a nonmelee attack that misses, roll a save of 6. On a failure, this unit takes 10 Damage.)
  • Damage Reduction 20 (Whenever this character takes damage from a nonadjacent enemy, reduce the damage dealt by 20. Attacks with lightsabers ignore this special ability.)
  • Rope Swing (Adjacent Ewoks may move between platforms of the same height without using bridges. The Ewok must start its turn on a platform to do this. Choose the nearest free space on the platform of the same height closest to the Ewok’s starting position. Place the Ewok in the chosen space on the second platform. Once on the second platform, the Ewok may either make a single attack or move up to six squares without attacking.)
  • Net Trap (Whenever an enemy unit enters or becomes adjacent to a square containing a Net Trap, they must roll a save of 11. On a failure, they must end their move there and cannot attack. That unit must roll a save of 11 at the start of each phase and cannot activate again until they get a successful save.)
  • Rope Trap (At the start of each phase, designate two trees. The first can be any tree but the second must be the tree closest to the first. Any medium or smaller character that crosses between those two trees ends their move there and cannot attack. Large or Larger characters have their speed reduced to half after crossing and can’t make extra attacks. Units passing between the trees with Speed 8 or higher immediately take 40 Damage, save 6.)

Force Powers

  • Force 1
  • Force Renewal 1 (This character gets 1 Force point each time he activates)
  • Force Spirit 4 (If this character is defeated, immediately add 4 Force points to an ally with a Force rating; that ally can spend Force points 1 extra time per turn for the rest of the skirmish)
  • Essence of Life (Force 2: When a living ally within 6 squares would be defeated, that ally makes a save of 11. On a success, that ally has 10 Hit Points instead of being defeated.)

Commander Effect

Adjacent Ewoks with Melee Attack lose Melee Attack while adjacent Ewoks that don’t already have Melee Attack gain +2 Attack.

Average Rating: 7.00 (2)
6/12/2022 10:08:41 AM

I’m building an Ewok Village prop with platforms and bridges, the whole 9 yards. Anyway, this is meant to be all the necessary stats for using the prop in battle. Open to any suggestions, this is still a work in progress and I’m open to making or editing additional custom “abilities” for it. Maybe even give it an Ewok boosting commander effect?
Cassus fett
6/12/2022 3:05:15 PM

Uh, I didn’t know inanimate villages could be force sensitive.
6/14/2022 2:12:18 AM

^probably represents some of the sensitives within the village + the trees's essence
Cassus fett
6/14/2022 2:43:50 AM

I'm thinking it's solely for resurrecting's ewoks. Should be a CE like Leia HC or an SA.
6/15/2022 6:05:59 AM

^^^to be fair, Yavin 4 literally has a tree Jedi in the Young Jedi Knights books. Giving the trees Force abilities is more of a nod to the whimsy and magic associated with the Ewoks in things like Caravan of Courage and the old Ewoks animated series. In the comics, Endor had a sentient mountain that would literally cry, so I think I’m fine lol.
Cassus fett
6/15/2022 12:43:58 PM (Updated: 6/15/2022 5:15:35 PM)

Ah yes the famous “Unidentified tree-like Jedi“ so, not a tree. The crying mountain was a crying mountain, not force sensitive. Neither example is remotely close to force sensitive buildings.
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