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Most people on reddit are very few really contribute to the community Options
Posted: Thursday, September 3, 2020 5:34:20 PM
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Yeah like I surely do not look back fondly about keeping my whole bank with me when I logged onto a pk world with no idea how to pk, or believing rune pickaxe was bis thanks to the beat bonus I got onto scorpions bc all I did was mine all day, or even running into the RS gold secure appearing cave while being chased by ice hockey warriors, simply to become atomized by wyverns. . . . But I do miss some of the simplicity from being younger and with no idea guides existed. Everybody just living in the moment, not a phone in sight. Yikes. Just because somebody prefers quality content over attempt meme spam that is low does not mean they don't like fun.

This subreddit's mods essentially dictate what memes are permitted according to what they wish to see. Low effort memes do not matter so long as they're funny. Although instead of tickling the Mods humorous bone to get a green light, I think that it comes down to this:"If you allowed the low attempt meme of"x" user why you did not allowed mine". Then, if mods allow any kind of meme, for a neighborhood this big, in little time the sub will be bombarded with low effort memes and just witty captions. Sure, the community can pick whichever posts get to the frontpage by votes, but when there's some type of authorities for High Definition memes, I think we could level up to runescape 2007 meme standards.

I guess it's a challenging thing to"balance out". I mean, outright offensive things should be taken down, I am sure there are kids on this, and some things just don't ever need to be said at all. But if a meme is regarding the sport and folks are into it, then it is going to make its way to the very best places or whatever (I do not know the sorting classes off shirt ). Those that suck will vanish quickly, and you miss them completely if you don't sort by brand new.

These are my feelings on the topic, I can't speak for anybody else. But I switched from osrs into rs3 like six months ago and kinda changed over subs, too, since I want to stay updated on the game I'm currently playing. And blasted, this sub is dull as hell. I mean, there is drama. However, I did not realize I missed that the memes on 2007scape until I noticed that I never watched any in this sub. Beyond that, my very first significant belief of this sub was that this was where people came to whine about matters in the game and be able to roll the dice to get a jmod reply, or just vent with different people about stuff. It's not a fun sub to maintain really. Definitely not in contrast to this sub that is osrs. It could be. It's weird to know that it's due to the mods suppressing posts, rather than the community only sucking. My perspective changes.

Most people on reddit are very few really contribute to the cheap RuneScape gold community. You know who is upvoting this very low effort spam most? Lurkers. It's easy to consume. I think that's exactly what the mods will end up performing tho. Let all memes in, eliminate the offensive ones and allow the users dictate that memes remain and which"expires in new". Jut enjoy in r/memes, only the funnier will endure and nobody will direct them to the frontpage if they die in new. As for the complaints and other low attempt articles, I believe people already do a fantastic job filtering out those from their frontpage, if one browses by fresh, they could notice how bad the average posts are. . . Anyways, which was a reasoning of your part I agree.
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