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Posted: Sunday, March 11, 2018 9:44:37 PM
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Map roll...
Skybuck wins map roll and we play on Command Deck.

TripleVen chooses right side and sets up on the bottom. Wookiee Commander and Bastila in the large turbolift. Pretty much everyone else just outside the turbolift except one Wookiee Scoundrel holding open the door of the Power Regulation Center and the R7 tucked away in a corner of the same room.

Skybuck sets up left with most of the squad on the 4th column spread out pretty evenly from top to bottom, except for Mas hiding outside the airlock on the death star laser.

Round 1: TripleVen tries to seal things off. Wookiee Scoundrel at the bridge over the laser beam. Satele and Ven in the two squares on the way to gambit, blocking the door to the Munitions Depot. Another Wookiee Scoundrel at the door to the Interrogation Cells. R7 stays in the corner and locks the door to Bastila and the Wookiee Commander. Bastila doesn't turn on. The Scoundrels are spread out so that the only way to base two of them at once is to stand next to both Ven and Satele. Skybuck moves fodder pieces all over the place spread out. Before TripleVen is even out of activations, the fun begins. Just north of the laser beam trench, a Brute is holding open one door while R2 tows Yobuck and opens the second door. Yobuck runs forever to base and kill the Wookiee Scoundrel blocking the bridge. But instead of just swapping to safety, GenSky swaps in, and he comes in and wrecks things even more, killing the XT-6 and a second Scoundrel. Tries to run away with GMA but can't get far. No gambit. 25-0 Skybuck.

Round 2: TripleVen wins init. Satele bases GenSky with Inuition, then Triple Cunning but Bastila isn't on yet. After Djem So, Parry, Block, etc, GenSky ends up at 10hp/4fp and Satele at 80hp/3fp. GenSky activates, pushes Satele (60hp) to avoid any AoO then runs back across the bridge. Then swap in a Spaarti as GenSky retreats to safety. Satele turns on and TripleVen starts activating fodder. Spaarti misses an ugnaught, Scoundrel kills the Spaarti. Two Scoundrels set up in the Munitions Depot's low objects. Skybuck pushes around fodder and blows some doors. Ven moves into gambit, R7 keeps the door locked. TripleVen's last activation is pretty important as Wookiee Commander's Coordinated Movement moves a Scoundrel down one square but still in low objects in the Munitions Depot. R2 tows Dash in to open the top gambit door so that R2 could see through gambit to lock the right gambit door. Then Dash runs just outside the Throne Room to shoot down into the Munitions Depot, but can only kill the Ugnaught this round. The Coordinated Movement got the Scoundrel just far enough that Stealth saved him. Yobuck runs adjacent to R2 to set up for next round. Gambit for TripleVen. 28-15 Skybuck.

Round 3: TripleVen wins init. Satele Intuitions toward Dash and is within 6 but can't base him. Choice for OR: base Dash with Satele and do 40 and lock him in place so he'd die to an AoO or try to shoot him with a Wookiee where he could evade it. Basing with Satele opens up the chance of a dead Satele if she can't make her Absorb Energy save, so a Wookiee shoots - hoping Dash misses 2 Evade saves. +14 for 40dmg x3, no cover means 2s hit, which is good for OR because one of the attacks rolls was in fact a 2. Unfortunately for OR, Dash makes 2 of 3 evade saves and lives. Dash then kills the Wookiee in retaliation and hits Satele twice for 10dmg each (40hp remaining). (She should've stayed in cover if she wasn't going to base Dash anyway... then one of those would have missed.) Dash GMAs into the Throne Room behind a Brute for safety, and then the Brute backs up to close the door. Prowler opens the Power Regulation Center Door. Loth-cat advances but hides. Republic pushed fodder around. R7 opens the closed Throne Room door (which lets the Turbolift door open) and Satele Force Leaps over a Brute and Mouse to base both of them plus Dash and also open the top gambit room door. R2 tows Yobuck to the hallway south of the Conference Hall and locks the north-gambit door. Yobuck gallops to kill the Loth-Cat, put 20 on the R7, and stopping by the last Scoundrel to get 2 attacks on him and kill him. Wookiee Commander misses his shot at Yobuck and lets the turbolift door close, while Bastila keeps ABM on. Ven spins in gambit. Skybuck squad's fodder moves around. GenSky hangs with Panaka but are still pretty far back. Gambit for TripleVen. 54-25 Skybuck.

Round 4: TripleVen wins init. Satele kills Dash and then ForceLeaps/MovesFaster to open the right-gambit door. R2 then locks that same door. Yobuck runs around to clean up the rest. Gallop kills Prowler, R7, and puts 20 on Wookiee Commander plus another 20 from regular attack. Yobuck down to 2fp. Wookiee Commander puts 30 on Yobuck (130hp). Ven moves (now at 7fp) and opens the top gambit door. Bastila's ABM runs out and she opens the Turbolift door. Some Brutes swing at Satele but anything that hits is Parried. Gambit for TripleVen. 66-63 Skybuck.

Round 5: Skybuck wins init. Yobuck gives the Wookiee Commander an AoO (miss) to gallop, kill the Commander, and then go attack Satele twice. She parries the hits but is out of force points after rerolls. Satele activates, puts 40dmg on Yobuck (90hp), and then Bastila gives chase but doesn't catch up to Yobuck. Ven kills a Brute that had taken a swing at him and then pushes a Mouse while staying in gambit (6fp remaining). Skybuck fodder moves around and takes some potshots. One Brute sneaks in a hit on Satele (30hp) and someone hits Ven for 20 (110hp). R2 hides in a corner. Panaka swaps Yobuck to safety, adjacent to R2 in preparation for another run. Gambit for TripleVen. 84-79 Skybuck.

Round 6: Skybuck wins init and lets TripleVen go first. Satele uses Intuition to give AoOs to 3 adjacent Brutes. All 3 miss. Then Satele moves 6 to kill R2 with Cunning. With Satele running away, the Brutes take their potshots on Bastila instead, who eats a Momentum-crit (90hp). Bastila kills the two Brutes that base her and then opens the door for Ven. Ven stays in gambit and pushes the 3rd of the Brutes that were basing Satele at the start of the round and uses Force Attuned for Regen (130hp,4fp). Panaka shoots and hits Satele, who doesn't have 2fp for Absorb Energy (10hp), and then swap GenSky up near Satele so he can push her to death (0fp left for GenSky). Skybuck fodder misses potshots. Gambit for TripleVen. 121-107 Skybuck.

Round 7: Skybuck wins init and defers. Bastila kills an adjacent Spaarti and then moves into gambit. Ven (5fp) just opens the north gambit door after Republic moves fodder. Republic swaps Yobuck into gambit, and he drops 60 on Bastila (who doesn't make a LSDefense save all game). Gambit for both. 131-122 Skybuck.

Round 8: Skybuck wins init. Yobuck kills Bastila after yet another failed LSDefense, and then gallops to put 30 on Ven (100hp). Ven activates (6fp), pushes Yobuck (4fp), then moves up to attack him twice, needing a reroll (3fp) to hit both. Yobuck blocks one, leaving him at 50hp. Skybuck manipulates some fodder to get the door situation right but manages to get GenSky swapped in for a double-momentum attack on Ven. Panaka also shoots and hits Ven - failed Evade - (80hp). GenSky hits both, one Defended (50hp for Ven). Gambit for both. 174-132 Skybuck.

Round 9: Skybuck rolls 18. TripleVen rolls 19 to win init. Ven activates (3fp), pushes GenSky to kill him (1fp), and then swings at Yobuck twice, needing 5s to hit. Rolls two 4s. Yobuck swings back at Ven. Hit (30hp), miss. Panaka bases Ven (miss), and swaps Yobuck to safety. Mas and a Brute take potshots (misses). Gambit for both. 189-184 TripleVen.

Round 10: TripleVen wins init. Kills a Brute and hits Mas (bodyguard to Panaka) but neglects to Regen (should have). Potshots and Panaka miss. Yobuck takes an AoO to base Ven and get both a Gallop and regular attack. AoO hits (30hp for Yobuck). Yobuck hits both, but LSDefense works for Ven, and he takes the second damage to end at 10hp, 1fp. Gambit for both. 202-194 final.

TripleVen: Ven (10hp,1fp)
Skybuck: Yobuck (30hp,0fp), Mas (full), Panaka (50hp), Brute, Ugnaught

(Logfile available.)

Posted: Sunday, March 11, 2018 10:19:52 PM
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"Skybuck": 11pts
Votes: spryguy
Win: urbanjedi vs UrbanShmi (10pts)

"Triple Ven": 1009pts
Votes: thereisnotry, TheHutts, Darth_Frenchy, DarkDracul
Wins: FlyingArrow (solo - 5pts), FlyingArrow vs urbanjedi (1000pts)

Result reflected in the bracket here:
Posted: Monday, March 12, 2018 4:22:00 AM
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DarkDracul wrote:
I am voting for OR out of 100% unadulterated emotion and pure personal bias.

I also voted for OR but I do think it's a bit of an uphill battle for them.
Posted: Monday, March 12, 2018 5:18:53 AM
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Whoops. Sorry. I'll add you to the list.
Posted: Monday, March 12, 2018 1:01:44 PM
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The match with urbanjedi illustrated how a "lock-in" strategy isn't as strong as a "lock-out" strategy.

Super close.
Posted: Monday, March 12, 2018 1:20:23 PM
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Haha, yeah I can imagine that would be difficult
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