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Fall 2017 Vassal Regional Pairings and Reporting Options
Posted: Tuesday, February 6, 2018 7:50:51 PM
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Trevor wins. Not really close at all. My highlights: I killed the Tactician and Vindicated, and I got Rakghouls for killing both of them.

Congrats, Trevor! Well played and great game!
Posted: Tuesday, February 6, 2018 7:58:59 PM
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FlyingArrow vs theultrastar... the game that didn't happen...

theultrastar and I were never able to play our semifinal game. He conceded and I advanced to the finals where I lost to thereisnotry.

But here's a theoretical game against theultrastar's squad. Naturally, I know how to run my own squad better than his, so he may have had a surprise up his sleeve if we actually played, but here goes...

Reinforcements -
13 Yuuzhan Vong Seer
6 Praetorite Vong Scout

12 Domain Lah Warrior
7 Praetorite Vong Scout

(Total: 10 PVScouts, 5 Lahs, 20 activations)

Hutt Cartel:
14 Ewok Hang Glider x2
3 Rodian Brute
3 Ewok

Kajidii swap (after setup):
Drop Jabba for Momaw Nadon

(Total: 18 activations)

We have the same map (Outlaw City) so the map roll "winner" actually loses (being forced to choose Outlaw City). And then the other player can elect to setup or defer. I win map roll and defer. He chooses side and sets up. I place Jabba right up front with Forward Positioning adjacent to a door in such a place where I can reach as many Praetorite Vong Scouts as possible. Using the Kajidii's swap, Momaw Nadon drops into Jabba's spot. I lose init, but only one Scout gets to Blastbug Momaw, so he survives to run in and wipe out 4 of the Forward-Positioned Scouts (6 remaining). The rest of round 1 is positioning. I load up the skiff and move up near gambit. Nobody else takes any damage that round, except that the other Scouts are able to track down and kill Momaw.

Round 2: The skiff sits up front soaking damage while everything disembarks behind it. The Hang Gliders take turns flying over the skiff and strafing the Vong. 3 Blastbugs kill the 3 Hang Gliders, but the Hang Gliders got 1 or 2 Scouts each for a total of 5 (1 Scout left). 5 Blastbugs land on the skiff, but it is still standing. Rodian Raider, Rak Warrior, and Talz Pirate shoot from behind the skiff and put some damage on some Lah Warriors, but not enough to kill any of them. The Sanyassan Marauder sacrifices himself to hunt down the Zonoma Sekot Scout

Round 3: The Blastbugs finally wear down the skiff, but the Raider, Warrior, and Pirate also roll in and take out the last Scout and 2 of 5 Lah Warriors. (3 Lah Warriors remain.)

Round 4: The Raider dies, but the Talz Pirate and Rakghoul Warrior team up to take down a Lah Warrior (2 remain). The Pirate takes some damage and the Czerka is finally tracked down and killed. Subcommander comes up to join the fight.

Round 5: Talz and Rakghoul take down another Lah Warrior (1 left), creating a Rakghoul. New Rakghoul starts putting damage on the last Lah Warrior. Subcommander puts the Talz down to 10hp.

Round 6: Talz dies, last Lah Warrior dies, Rak Warrior bases the Subcommander, puts him down to 30hp. Vong commanders join the fray. Rakghoul bases Da'Gara.

Round 7: Subcommander puts damage on the Rak Warrior before the Rak Warrior kills him, making another Rakghoul. First Rakghoul puts 30 on Da'Gara before Da'Gara and Quorreal team up to kill it.

Round 8: Vong commanders kill another Rakghoul before the Rakghoul Warrior kills Da'Gara. With 5 rounds of gambit, Hutt Cartel is over 200.
Posted: Tuesday, February 6, 2018 8:31:23 PM
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Yes, TJ and I just played. I won, with a score of 218-82 in the end. The match went 4 rounds, and here's a quick summary:

TJ's reinforcements were a Chiss Captain and Salacious Crumb (Rapport with Jabba).

TJ won the map roll so we played on Outlaw City. I deferred side choice to see how he would set up, and TJ chose the left side, with most of his guys close to the Skiff near the bottom-left corner of the map, and with Jabba close to the Cantina door (via Forward Positioning). I set up my dudes on the right side, in the space between 2 buildings.

Round 1
All positioning. Resolnare got my guys forward enough that almost everyone could get comfortably into gambit on my side of the wall. TJ piled some guys onto the Skiff and drove it right up to the door separating our forces, then Lobot locked that door.

Round 2
I won init and let TJ go first, since I couldn't see any enemies with my Tactician (and thus would only be able to activate a single guy). He moved his Sled guy up (for Traps shenanigans).

My Demolitionist used Thorium Charge on the door and then Kelborn double-Gauntlet-Knifed the Skiff for 40dmg after DR, then moved away, taking 10 dmg on the AoO.

TJ then Disembarked from the Skiff, setting his guys up in such a way that his Protocol Droid and the Czerka and the Traps-providing Sled guy combined to turn the Ewok-Powered-Hang-Glider into Superman. Superman then strafed at +6 (plus Traps) for 20dmg and Twin over Vindicated, Tactician, and Mira. He hit just 3 or 4 attacks out of 8, needing 8s and 7s most of the way.

I responded by using Mira to Double-Gernade nearly EVERYTHING, thanks to the Skiff's large posterior and all the Low Objects everywhere. Then I followed that up with a 10-target Furious Assault from Jango...but he brought his Nerf gun again (and the Sled guy also happened to provide Hutt Cartel shenanigans), so he only hit about 1/2 of those attacksbut he did get the Rodian and the Czerka and Lobot.

TJ moved some guys and made some attacks, and then I used Vindicated to blow up the Skiff. TJ then did a great move with his Rakghoul Warrior to re-purpose my Tactician, who turned into a (regular) Rakghoul, which proceeded to hit Vindicated for 80 damage, bringing him to 10 hp.

Round 3
I really need this init if Vindicated is going to live...and I didn't win it. The Rakghoul Warrior vindicated himself on Mandalore (creating yet ANOTHER Rakghoul!)...but it wasn't a big deal, since Mira's Rakghoul Termination, Inc came in to save the day, with a handy Double-Gernade again, which killed all the Raks. Once again, I followed up with a Furious Assault from Jango, who was able to clean up just about everything that was left. The score was 181-82 at this point, but we decided to play it out.

Round 4
TJ won init again and tried to hit Jangalore, who laughed at the efforts of mere mortals. Kelborn then moved up to end Jabba ("You're bantha poodoo!"), and Jango finished the game with one last Furious Assault.

In the end, while TJ's squad has some disgustingly-good damage output, my squad was almost its exact counter, with insane Gernades and Accurate Furious Assault and Disruptive all being key counters to the tricks that TJ needed to be able to make his squad run on all cylinders.

I've run this Mando squad in 2 tournaments now (the Ohio Regional this summer, where I was oh-so-close to the Top 4), and now this, the Fall Vassal Tournament. I've gotta say: it is one of my most favorite SWM squads EVAR! It's got a pile of useful tools and tricks and tactics, which enable it to adapt to many different types of squads. It has burst-damage, scissors, tankiness, movement, etc. And there's just something satisfying about playing a competitive tournament squad with SIX activations! lol

Anyway, I want to offer deep thanks to Narkon for running this tournament and for being patient while some of us tried to schedule our playoff games amidst busy life-events. Thanks also to everyone who played! Even though I don't spend as much time with SWM as I used to, this was still a whole lot of fun. Thanks, all!
Posted: Tuesday, February 6, 2018 8:42:23 PM
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Great write up Trevor and congrats on the win!
Posted: Tuesday, February 6, 2018 9:13:34 PM
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I don't think there's anything I could do to actually get an advantage in that matchup, but a bodyguard and R4 probably would have been better reinforcements.

I probably would have also been better off keeping some guys on the skiff. I disembarked too many.

So Trevor both played better and had the better matchup. Based on that I was pretty happy with almost reaching 100.
Posted: Tuesday, February 6, 2018 9:37:36 PM
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Makes me smile to see Raks posing a potential threat during a tourney's final match. BigGrin

Congrats to you both, and thanks - both of you have been HUGE contributors to the game, and very cool that you worked it out so there would be a final showdown for this tourney.

^ Quality BlooMilk
Posted: Wednesday, February 7, 2018 10:47:25 AM
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(Theoretical game between me and theultrastar now posted above.)
Posted: Wednesday, February 7, 2018 4:39:58 PM
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FlyingArrow wrote:
(Theoretical game between me and theultrastar now posted above.)
Yeah, good playing there! I don't think you made a single mistake either!
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