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Rebels (V10 sub)


9 Characters
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# * Name Rarity Cost HitPoints Defense Atk Dmg Special Abilities Force Powers CE Rating
REB 1 Rebel C1-10P "Chopper" 20 60 18 8 10 Unique, Droid, Ghost Crew, Melee Attack, Flight, Distraction, Grappling Hook, Industrial Repair 20, Jolt, Manual Override, Weapon Code 6.50 (6)
REB 2 Rebel Ezra Bridger, Padawan 28 70 17 8 10 Unique, Ghost Crew, Twin Attack, Mobile Attack, Evade, Distraction, False Transmission, Jolt, Lightsaber, Padawan, Plasma Bolt -2, Synergy +2 (+2 att, Kanan Jarrus) Force 3, Focused Attack 6.11 (9)
REB 3 Rebel Hera Syndulla 35 90 18 9 20 Unique, Ghost Crew, Pilot, Twin Attack, Mobile Attack, Acrobatic, Evade, Suppressive Fire, Survival Expert Has CE 8.67 (9)
REB 4 Rebel Kanan Jarrus 51 130 20 11 20 Unique, Ghost Crew, Twin Attack, Mobile Attack, Evade, Coordinated Movement (Ghost Crew), Crowd Fighting, Lightsaber, Lightsaber Duelist, Relay Orders Force 2, Force Renewal 1, Blaster Barrage, Counter Push 2, Lightsaber Reflect (10 damage) 8.67 (12)
REB 5 Rebel Sabine Wren 25 70 17 9 10 Unique, Ghost Crew, Double Attack, Cloaked, Explosive Traps, Grenades 40, Mines 20, Rigging Defuser, Thorium Charge, Traps 9.09 (11)
REB 6 Rebel Zeb Orrelios 31 100 18 9 20 Unique, Ghost Crew, Bo-rifle, Guile, Protective +10 (Ghost Crew), Rend +10, Throw Enemy 2, Wall Climber 8.75 (4)
REB 7 Imperial Agent Kallus 31 90 17 11 20 Unique, Bo-rifle, Defensive Stance +4, It's a Trap!, Rebel Hunter, Synergy +4 (Stormtroopers, +4 att/+4 def) Has CE 8.14 (7)
REB 8 Imperial Count Denetrius Vidian 49 120 20 10 30 Unique, Cyborg, Melee Attack, Double Attack, Cybernetic Armor, Disciplined Leader, Hyper-Efficiency, Imperial Management, Rival (Reinforcements/Reserves) Has CE 7.29 (7)
REB 9 Imperial The Inquisitor, Jedi Hunter 56 130 20 12 30 Unique, Melee Attack, Double Attack, Dark Armor, Jedi Hunter, Intimidation, Spinning Blade Attack Force 3, Force Renewal 1, Force Push 4, Lightsaber Deflect, Lightsaber Riposte Has CE 8.40 (5)
Showing 1 - 9 of 9 Characters
55 Special Abilities (17 New)
Showing 1 - 55 of 55 Special Abilities
Name Text Chars Set
Acrobatic Ignores enemy characters when moving 1 SnV
Bo-rifle Replaces attacks: Make 2 attacks against the same adjacent enemy; these count as melee attacks. On a hit, living target is considered activated this round; save 6. 2 REB
Cloaked If this character has cover, it cannot be targeted by nonadjacent enemies 1 KotOR
Coordinated Movement At the end of this character's turn, 1 Ghost Crew ally may immediately move up to 2 squares 1 REB
Crowd Fighting This character gets +2 Attack for every adjacent character other than its target 1 RotS
Cybernetic Armor Whenever this character would take damage from a nonmelee attack, reduce the damage dealt by 10. All characters within 2 squares then take 10 damage; save 11. 1 REB
Cyborg Counts as both a Droid and a non-Droid; living; subject to critical hits and commander effects 1 CS
Dark Armor Whenever this character takes damage, it reduces the damage dealt by 10 with a save of 11. Attacks with lightsabers ignore this special ability. 1 UH
Defensive Stance +4 This character gets +4 Defense while activated 1 EA
Disciplined Leader This character's commander effect cannot be suppressed 1 Ven
Distraction Suppresses adjacent enemy commander effects 2 DotF
Double Attack On its turn, this character can make 1 extra attack instead of moving 3 RS
Droid Immune to critical hits; not subject to commander effects 1 RS
Evade When hit by an attack from a nonadjacent enemy, this character takes no damage with a save of 11 3 CS
Explosive Traps Enemies within 6 squares get -4 to saves against abilities whose names contain Grenades, Mines or Missiles 1 REB
False Transmission On this character's turn, he can choose 1 enemy within line of sight: This phase, this character and allies ignore that enemy when moving 1 REB
Flight Ignores difficult terrain, enemy characters, low objects, and pits when moving 1 RS
Ghost Crew 6 REB
Grappling Hook Replaces turn: This character and an adjacent small or medium character can move together up to a number of squares equal to this character's speed. Both characters are considered to have Flight this turn, and must end their movement adjacent to each other. 1 RaR
Grenades 40 Replaces attacks: range 6; 40 damage to target and to each character adjacent to that target; save 11 1 BH
Guile +4 Attack against unactivated enemies 1 EA
Hyper-Efficiency If your squad contained 12 or fewer characters immediately before the first activation of the skirmish, this character and allies get +1 Attack for each defeated ally 1 REB
Imperial Management If an allied commander has line of sight to an enemy at the start of a round, you may remove that ally from play; it is defeated, and for the rest of the skirmish this character gains the following Commander Effect: You can activate up to 3 characters per phase. (This includes Droid and Savage characters.) 1 REB
Industrial Repair 20 Replaces attacks: touch; remove 20 damage from 1 character with Mounted Weapon 1 TFU
Intimidation Living non-Unique enemies within 6 squares get -2 Attack and -2 Defense. Living allies within 6 squares get +2 Attack and +2 Defense. 1 Epic
It's a Trap! Enemies with Stealth within 6 squares lose Stealth 1 UH
Jedi Hunter +4 Attack and +10 Damage against enemies with Force ratings 1 CS
Jolt An enemy hit by this character's attack is considered activated this round; save 11. Huge and larger characters ignore this effect. 2 TFU
Lightsaber +10 Damage against adjacent enemies 2 RotS
Lightsaber Duelist +4 Defense when attacked by an adjacent enemy with a Force rating 1 CS
Manual Override At the end of his turn, this character can designate 1 adjacent door as open or closed; it remains open or closed until the end of this character's next turn, or until he is defeated 1 REB
Melee Attack Can attack only adjacent enemies 3 RS
Mines 20 An enemy that moves adjacent to this character takes 20 damage; save 11 1 CW
Mobile Attack Can move both before and after attacking 3 RS
Padawan This character can spend a Unique ally's Force points as though they were its own. It still cannot spend Force points more than once per turn and cannot combine the ally's Force points with its own. 1 SnV
Pilot 1 AE
Plasma Bolt -2 Enemy characters get -2 to save rolls to prevent damage from this character's attacks 1 REB
Protective +10 +10 Damage while a wounded Ghost Crew ally is within 6 squares 1 REB
Rebel Hunter +4 Attack and +10 Damage against Rebel enemies 1 REB
Relay Orders Each allied commander can count distance from this character as well as from itself for the purpose of commander effects 1 IE
Rend +10 If both of its attacks hit the same adjacent enemy, this character's second attack gets +10 Damage 1 RS
Rigging Defuser This character and each ally within 6 squares ignores Rigged Detonators 1 REB
Rival Cannot be in a squad with any character with Reinforcements or Reserves 1 REB
Spinning Blade Attack Replaces turn, usable only while this character is at half Hit Points or more: This character can move up to his speed this turn and he can attack each adjacent enemy once as he moves. This movement does not provoke attacks of opportunity. 1 SnV
Suppressive Fire On this character's turn, enemy characters attacked by this character cannot use special abilities or Force powers that respond to this character's attacks for the rest of the turn and enemies hit by this character's attacks cannot benefit from or grant commander effects for the rest of the round 1 SnV
Survival Expert +4 to this character’s save rolls 1 CotG
Synergy +2 +2 Attack while an ally whose name contains Kanan Jarrus is within 6 squares 1 REB
Synergy +4 Allies named Stormtrooper get +4 Attack and +4 Defense while within 6 squares of this character 1 REB
Thorium Charge Replaces Attacks: Designate 1 door within 6 squares as open; it remains open for the rest of the skirmish and cannot be closed 1 AaO
Throw Enemy 2 Replaces attacks: touch; 30 damage to 2 target Medium or smaller enemies without a Force rating, and push those enemies to 4 squares from this character; save 16 1 SHA
Traps Enemy characters within 6 squares get -4 Defense 1 AE
Twin Attack Whenever this character attacks, it makes 1 extra attack against the same target 3 BH
Unique 9 RS
Wall Climber This character ignores difficult terrain, enemy characters, low objects, and pits when moving as long as a square it occupies and a square it is moving into are adjacent to a wall 1 UH
Weapon Code Replaces attacks: touch; 1 ally with Mounted Weapon may make an immediate attack 1 REB
Showing 1 - 55 of 55 Special Abilities
10 Force Powers
Showing 1 - 10 of 10 Force Powers
Name Text Chars Set
Blaster Barrage Force 1, replaces attacks: Can attack every legal target once 1 RS
Counter Push 2 Force 2, usable only when this character takes damage: range 6; 20 damage; push back target 2 squares if Huge or smaller 1 Ven
Focused Attack Force 2, usable only on this character's turn: This character ignores cover when determining legal targets this turn 1 SnV
Force 2 1 RS
Force 3 2 RS
Force Push 4 Force 4, replaces attacks: sight; 40 damage; push back target 4 squares if Huge or smaller 1 TFU
Force Renewal 1 This character gets 1 Force point each time it activates 2 RS
Lightsaber Deflect Force 1: When hit by a nonmelee attack, this character takes no damage with a save of 11 1 CS
Lightsaber Reflect Force 2: When hit by a nonmelee attack, this character takes no damage with a save of 11 and the attacker takes 10 damage, save 11 1 CS
Lightsaber Riposte Force 1: When hit by a melee attack, this character can make an immediate attack against that attacker 1 CS
Showing 1 - 10 of 10 Force Powers

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